Friday, September 11, 2009

Russian Monster Dismembers Snitch in a Bathtub

Russian Monster Dismembers Snitch in Bathtub
WARNING GRAPHIC! You've been warned, this Russian monster kills a snitch then dismembers him in his bathtub.

The above video is not safe for work nor is it for the squeamish. I do however consider it beneficiary to the anti-snitch community at large, as it provides a good incentive to tell all police looking for answers to go away. No cooperation with the State!

No but seriously the above video is fucked up.'s version of the clip claims the butcher is in fact a Russian nationalist. Double feature bonus, courtesy of NothingToxic again, is a film of an ex-Mexican police officer beaten in prison.

Suspected Former Cop Beaten In Mexican Jail




  2. um, the second video needs to be replaced fucking immediately with one that doesn't have a racist ass caption & shitty racist comments (on the nothingtoxic website). please figure that out now.