Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Rats in Olympia: John Jacob Towery II (aka Agent Orange)

Another community media effort in Olympia has outed a snitch once again. John Jacob Towery II (age 45), also known as Agent Orange on mailing lists concerning the Port Militarization Resistance in Olympia, turned out to be working for the Fort Lewis Force Protection Fusion Cell. He is still maintaining a myspace page but is not using Facebook as well. He infiltrated Olympia PMR from September 2007 until June 2009, when he had already become an administrator for the groups listserv and regularly came to meetings. He also weaseled into the North West Anti-Imperialist Direct Action Coalition in person.

According to SIMC:

He lives in Spanaway, WA with his spouse and kids. We have the address. He's the registered owner of the address. We've photographed his vehicles at that address. We've photographed him on his motorcycle here in Olympia.

Being an avid motorcyclist, Johnny was in fact photographed by, ahem, counter-spies:

Iron Butt! Fuck! Tough dude! An email obtained through a public documents request revealed John, using a previously redacted name, was indeed a spy for yet another Fusion Cell in the United States. Check his Orwellian bullshit out:

From: "Towery II, John J CIV USA IMCOM"
To: "LEWIS DES Fusion Cell"
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2008 3:47 PM
Attach: 20081212 Daily.doc
Subject: (U // FOUO) 20081212- Fort Lewis Force Protection Daily Update(UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO
Please find attached the Fort Lewis daily force protection update. This
document is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and intended for Force Protection and
Law Enforcement personnel only. You may communicate contents in the
summary within your organization, but if you wish to distribute outside
of this community, contact the Fort Lewis FP Fusion Cell at the points
of contact below. If you want to get a copy of the FY09 Threat
Assessment for Fort Lewis email the
John J. Towery
Fort Lewis Force Protection
COM: 253-966-7317
DSN: 347-7317
ICE Survey for FP Support is at:

Wow. Pretty damning evidence there. Good thing they caught him, because "he planned to come to the Sunday Aug 2nd Oly PMR Meeting at Mixx96." Got him before he could hopefully get anyone. Keep your eyes out boys and girls!


  1. Anarchist counter-intelligence missed a timely clue in Towery case:

  2. Your whole movement works for the Elite (jews and their allies) so i dont know why you people complain so much...go ask Noam Chomsky about his beloved Talmud go on...

  3. The "movement" hardly works for itself, let alone some elite interests.

  4. You people need to take this off! This is endangering a life. I believe with all my heart that this stupid group from Washington is endangering the lifes of our soldiers, who have a job to do just like any of us, they are doing what they are told! So keeping equipment that could go to protect them and help them protect inocents in Aghanistan (fyi idiots... the Taliban were terrorizing voters there recently!).

    And it's not like we all want a war but it's were we are now so let them finish it off, the more you try to stop it the longer it will take! Like they are really going to listen to liberal idiots like you who don't take the time to think of the reactions to their actions! You act like a bunch of nut cases! Get over yourselves!

  5. and by posting pictures of this guy wont do anything, what sdo we need to do, stalk you and post pictures of your on the web? I'm just saying that there are some nut cases out there that might take this into a dangerous direction! This man has kids! BACK OFF YOU JERKS!

  6. Crystal, you're a moron.

    This man wasn't doing anything for the "war effort," even though I recognize what a sham that was. He was spying on anti-war activists and autonomous groups (people that are not terrorizing anyone) for the sake of the government. Remember the red scare? McCarthy?

    This page will stay up regardless of your warning. People have a right to know which citizens and neighbors are spying on them for the government. We are not responsible for any retribution and we are only engaging in a muckraking, civil journalistic project.