Sunday, August 2, 2009

Arcata Eye Reporter Kevin Hoover a Snitch

Kevin Hoover, a so-called investigative reporter at tabloid rag the Arcata Eye in Humboldt County, California, is using propagandist, fear-mongering tactics in an effort to either boost the circulation of his garbage paper, draw attention to himself, or be a jackbooted thug. Either way, this guy sounds like an asshole:
This morning while looking at the board at the Arcata Coop I notice a flier that had Hoover’s picture and said: “WARNING TO THE PUBLIC! This man, Kevin Hoover, has been caught twice in Arcata in the past two weeks trespassing on private property and going through peoples personal things. Both times he was seen by separate witnesses, and the last time he was caught by the owner of the property. A police report has been filed. This was not investigative reporting. This was a crime. If you see this man trespassing on your property, call 911 immediately.”

Most of you remember how Hoover started his vigilante campaign against marijuana. How he trespassed onto peoples property, and declared they were “large scale commercial grow houses,” because he decided the electricity meter was spinning too fast. And how he wrote letters to the cops and the tenets land-”lords” in an attempt to get them busted and evicted. And how he went on national TV and told the world that the killer marijuana was ruining “his” town. And how he used his tabloid to rally the cry to put an end to the pot culture that has so long been, even his, economic provider.

Hoover is not a reporter! He is a tabloidist! He tries to create a problem so he can then report on it. Everyone who has dealt with the steaming pile knows this is his MO. It is widely believed it was Hoover who spray painted “grow house” on the side of peoples residences to alert the pigs. I personally have little trouble believing that he would paint the house, put a picture of it in his Arcata Leye tabloid with a story saying “see how pissed off the people of Arcata are.”

Kevin "amateur Glenn Beck" Hoover alerting pigs to grow houses? In Humboldt County? What the hell? I wouldn't want that guy digging through my stuff and looking at camping pictures. I'd kick his ass for spraypainting anything on my house that could alert the pigs at all.

Fuck you, Kevin Hoover, and fuck your paper too!


  1. good for you. Tell it like it is. Everyone should know about Hoover!!!

  2. You need to do a little research into what the State of California considers Trespass and what that State considers Slander. You are GIVING Hoover a case AGAINST you with all this shit talk. Way to state hersay as FACT my friend. I wouldn't be surprised if, after Hoover has his day in court, he invites a few of his detractors to have theirs. Have a Peaceful Day.