Monday, March 16, 2009

Dirty Prosecution Tactics May Force David McKay to Take Plea Deal

David McKay is essentially in the hardest fucking English class ever. His new trial begins today, after the last one ended in a hung jury early last month because (from TC-IMC, which is covering the trial and surrounding post-RNC legal battles better than any newspaper ever could) "it is believed that the jury could not decide if FBI informant Brandon Darby's involvment [sic] qualified as entrapment -- they were concerned with the difference between "inducing" and "persuading" an action."

The Feds are gearing up in a big way for the re-trial. They've offered a plea deal to one charge of possessing a destructive device and threatened to subpoena McKay's co-defendant (Bradley Crowder, the other half of the Texas 2, already took a plea deal) to testify against him. It was also reported that Crowder was threatened with more prison time, making it clear that the highest echelon of Pigs wants to save face and get a conviction fast instead of losing in a fair trial. To the extent in which this exposes holes in the justice system, proving to this writer that it's a rigged game where the State uses its leverage with about as much dignity and class as it does on the street with a handful of paid snitches willing to say anything for a buck; it's fucking disgusting.

The communique on Indymedia urges supporters to pack the court in solidarity against dirty Fed tactics at 9 AM this morning, and you can follow trial updates on TC-IMC's Twitter feed.

And for fuck's sake free the goddamn Texas 2, all political prisoners, and the RNC 8.

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