Sunday, May 10, 2009

'Rachel's Law' Enacted

Some Tallahassee police officers who attempted to turn a college girl busted for smoking pot into a big-time narc definitely made the wrong decision; and that was apparent after she was capped attempting to buy a gun, 1500 ecstasy pills, and two ounces of cocaine. Now, Florida is signing a bill (named after the girl, Rachel Hoffman) reforming the informant process:

"Police agencies, who originally opposed the legislation can no longer promise more lenient sentencing for cooperating. It also requires them to consider age, maturity, and whether a person is in a court ordered drug program."

Analysis on the precedent this sets for the use of informants and snitches tomorrow once I can read more about the bill. What this could possibly mean for trials in the radical community, provided similar laws are enacted in other states or at the federal level, could be huge.

More soon, and check out Crimethinc's final report on the R/DNC mobilizations last summer which linked to SnitchWire as a resource! Thanks Crimethinc for helping get the word out!

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