Saturday, June 27, 2009

Robert "Civil Rights Activist" Stanford Calls Modesto Pigs On Downtown Youths

Modesto Anarcho's latest newsletter "Firestorm" (opens in .PDF) reports that Modesto City Council member (Airport District) Robert Stanford, a man who attempts to portray himself as a "civil rights activist" carrying fancy cards from the NAACP and ACLU called police on a group of youths because he suspected them of being in a gang. Modesto Copwatch was on the scene to record the incident, and the police detained and searched the youth finding no reason to believe they were engaging in illegal activity.

Copwatch confronted Stanford, asking him why he summoned the authorities for seemingly no apparent reason other than Scared White Male Syndrome. He claimed there was a knife and a whole other group of knife-wielding youths gearing up for a showdown, while his beloved guardians in the MPD concluded otherwise. Stanford blows his top, starts screaming at Copwatch that "he knows what gang members look like" and that "he deals with them every day;" busts out his Liberal Guilt membership cards from ACLU and NAACP, and tells Copwatch to be "grateful" for the "work" he does. Presumably retiring for the evening, he departed, scolding Copwatch as "fucked up" and than walking back towards them to tell them to "suck his dick." Reporting later from his twitter, he admits to having a "nasty confrontation Copwatch last night, anti-law enforcement."

Keep an eye on Modesto Copwatch's youtube channel for the video.

Firestorm put it best in their report: "Anyone who works actively with the police to further push youth into prison does no service to the cause of freedom and liberation - they hinder it." Indeed, fuck Robert Stanford. Sounds like he is the one who got nasty, self-righteous, and the most guilty of placing the police on a pious pedestal. Calling cops on kids... Were they on your lawn ogling your stupid Garth Brooks hat you fraud?

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