Friday, August 7, 2009

Juarez Cartel Lieutenant-turned-CI Slain in El Paso, TX

In a Friday afternoon stompings double-feature, SnitchWire is reporting that Jose Daniel Gonzalez Galeana was found dead outside his home in El Paso (just a few doors down from where the police chief lives) after being shot eight times last week. Galeana was a Lieutenant in the weakening Juarez cartel, which exports weed, coke, and smack into the United States. Sources told the Associated Press he was working as a confidential informant with US officials, feeding information about the cartel to authorities.

Galeana was a legal immigrant to the US, likely fleeing into the country in an effort to escape persecution from enemies as well as the Mexican authorities. Residency in the US by cartel members is becoming a more common practice, which may lead to more violence spilling across the border. Galeana's eight gunshot wounds were probably inflicted at close range, indictating that he may have been found out to be working as a CI and that the cartel sent assassains to dispatch him. This is perhaps the first time a ranking cartel member has been capped on US soil.

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