Thursday, September 24, 2009

Protesters Ambushed by National Guard in Unmarked Car (Kidnapping!)

SnitchWire is very interested in learning to the fate of the two protesters in the blue and red bandannas who were arrested in Pittsburgh this afternoon after a chaotic, beautiful day in the street fighting police, smashing corporate property, and bringing anti-capitalist anarchist resistance to the G20 summit. Much speculation has been made in the comments section of this video, as horrific and straight up inhumane as the kidnapping looks, as to whether they could be agent provocateurs. If it could be possible for friends or other observers to get in touch with us and confirm or deny that allegation, that would be great. Please email us at snitchwire [at] gmail [dot] com.

EDIT 12:11 AM MST: At 26 seconds the second "protester" in the red bandanna signals thumbs up towards the patrol car that apprehended the first "protester." If anyone can provide stills from the video or perhaps get closeups of the men in question, that would be of great help. We are working on verifying whether or not the two apprehended were agent provocateurs planted in the crowd by the State. Publishing their identities, masked or not, will help protesters in the future to avoid such underhanded tactics. Solidarity, and be careful tomorrow!

Video update: This is the red bandanna being arrested. He has a lot of trouble relaying names to people attempting to help him.

EDIT 9/27/09 4:55 PM MST: This is a picture from The Sassy Republican (what?) detailing that the police took the protester with the blue backpack past the line of riot police and out of the area with tear gas, searched him, and arrested him. The Sassy Republican also urges readers to drop the "conspiracy theories."

EDIT 10/04/09 1:52 PM MST: Legal collectives are reporting that the arrests are real and the subjects are facing several felony charges. Case closed.

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