Friday, January 8, 2010

NYC Tells Snitch Dennis Burke to Pack His Shit and GTFO

Final Update: Here is our final take on the case.

Update 1/10/10 11:58am: Any comments that were removed were removed because they mentioned full names and contact information. Not cool.

Update 1/10/10 11:53pm: Yeah, working on it. What a massive story! Making sure we are allowed to run some quotes and whatnot to really flesh things out. What we can confirm right now is that we will be standing in solidarity with the NYC Anarchist Black Cross and the rest of the organizations and individuals who stood up against abuse and manipulation from an individual(s) in their communities. There is a line of logic in all of this and we are working on the follow-up piece. 

Update 1/9/10 12:05: We are still working on corroborating everything from a staggering amount of sources and information. Sunday, there will be a follow-up post detailing everything we know and are able to disclose at that time. Because of the... ahem... "scene" nature of this whole dispute, this has startlingly been one of the most popular and discussed stories in the history of SnitchWire and hopefully a lesson can be learned in all of this. We will be taking advantage of the traffic spike by directing you here, where you can read all about Scott DeMuth and Carrie Feldman, two grand jury resistors who are staying brave in the face of repression. Please give them whatever support and money you can, as they are two extremely courageous individuals.  

Position Update 4:20 PM: For the record, we always will side with the victims and those that saw the inside of a jail cell. Although we are working on getting to the bottom of this story and researching both sides of it, this post will remain up in its entirety for journalistic posterity. If we are wrong, we will concede that and let the world see what led us to those conclusions. Currently, we are offering no further judgment nor are we offering any kind of retraction.

Calling the police is never a good idea unless there are bodies involved. Personal disputes and property disputes, especially among anarchists, should be solved without the State. Some people are offering testimony and words of support for Dennis/Thadeus, but that doesn't change the fact that a large group of people are saying he is abusive and manipulative. Until this whole matter is resolved, SnitchWire will be reserving further judgment. Although we would chastise Burke for calling the police for what appear to be  extremely petty matters, the other side of the story can be told but also refuted. Time and further research will tell what kind of conclusions we personally come to, but for now, we will be keeping on this story and updating it as more information comes in. We would encourage readers to keep an eye on this story as it develops and also hold their judgment until there is some kind of finality to the case.

Update 2:55 PM: These accusations are being disputed and we are attempting to get to the bottom of everything. Anyone familiar with the story and subject is encouraged to contact us at snitchwire [at] riseup [dot] net.

Update 2:04 PM: Late to the party a bit, but we've got some word that Burke/Umpster ran the blog Bombs & Shields before it went on hiatus. Came as kind of a surprise to us! We've since removed it. If you're looking for riot porn, check out MAKE TOTAL DESTROY, Social Rupture, Social War Chicago, 'Till it Breaks, and One Direction, because everyone has urges.


The Love and Resistance collective in New York City has asked us to circulate the following statement about Dennis Burke aka Thadeus D. Umpster, a fixture of NYC's anarchist scene since 1999.


Thadeaus D. Umpster, persona non grata

Today the Love and Resistance collective, NYC Anarchist Black Cross (ABCF-NYC), Support NY, Bitches Roll Deep Anarcha-feminist collective, Aftershock Action Alliance, the New School in Exile, Students Creating Radical Change (NYU), and other individuals active in the anarchist and revolutionary scenes in New York City find ourselves in the position of issuing the following statement:

Dennis Burke aka Thadeaus D. Umpster has been around anarchist groups in NYC since 1999, residing in a well-known anarchist house in Brooklyn, NY and part of the largely defunct group A New World in Our Hearts.

While initially considered a comrade by some of us, Thadeaus’ erratic, disruptive, abusive and otherwise troubling behavior caused almost everyone in NYC to disavow him. Thadeaus has been called out multiple times for abusive behavior, by both ex-partners and other women who have come in contact with him, and by survivor support groups. Those of us who have been involved in political projects with Thadeaus have seen his dominating, manipulative and stubborn behavior destroy groups and drive dozens of people away.

Until now some of us have held our tongues on the subject (in retrospect for way too long), but recent events have made it impossible to do this any longer. In the past year Thadeaus has become more isolated, as well as violent and bizarre in his behavior. He has forcibly entered into rooms of other people in the collective house he lives in, and has repeatedly called the police on roommates who confront him about this behavior. Thadeaus recently threatened a roommate who has a pending legal case, with contacting the district attorney's office, and volunteering to testify as a character witness against them.  In short, Thadeaus will not hesitate to use the police or the threat of the police to hold power over others.

Weeks ago, residents of the house unanimously decided that they did not want Thadeaus to live there anymore.  This was communicated him and he has refused to move out.  On December 10, a new resident was moving into a room at the collective house, Thadeaus attempted to physically block their entrance, called the police reporting a “home invasion” in front of several witnesses and began throwing the new resident’s belongings out a second-story window.  Thadeaus met the police at the gate, and despite the efforts of another resident present, invited the cops into the house.  Thadeaus lied to the cops, claiming that a non-existent roommate was being forcibly evicted, in an attempt to get at least one of his roommates arrested.  A long debate ensued, in the presence of the police, resulting in the cops telling everyone present that if they were called again that night, everyone (including Thadeaus) would be arrested.

Four days later, on December 16, he once again called the cops after changing the locks of a housemate's room.

On January 5, 2010, an inevitable confrontation occurred after two roommates (1 & 2) walked in on Thadeaus and two of his associates inside roommate 1's room going through the individual's personal belongings. When confronted, Thadeaus pulled out a video camera and became confrontational. In the ensuing melee, police were called by both parties and they in turn arrested roommates 1 and 2, both people of color. Unlike previous attempts to have comrades and roommates arrested, this call played on the pervasive racism of the NYPD and both of them were jailed facing serious charges.

When another resident returned to the house from the precinct, this resident and another person went to secure one of the arrested roommate's belongings.  Thadeaus attempted to physically prevent them from doing so, and then promptly called the NYPD again.  After about an hour-long conversation with the police, no arrests were made.

On January 6th, the day after putting our friends in jail, Thadeaus once again called the NYPD to the house on yet another made-up claim.

It pains us that we have to spend our time dealing with a destructive individual like Thadeaus who has been a plague to our scenes for years, instead of using our time and energies to fight for liberation and against capitalism.  It is clear that Thadeaus is not a comrade and is instead the kind of violent, abusive individual who will not hesitate to use the police against comrades.  Members of the anarchist community have spent months attempting to address his inter-personal abuse history through an accountability process.  However, because of his attempts to evade accountability, continuing abuse and now snitching, Thadeaus has effectively removed himself from this community thereby precluding the continuation of that process.

Finally, it should be noted that Thadeaus is persistently manipulative, and will likely try to rationalize, deny or minimize the events described herein.  As an example of such, below is a quote taken from a widely seen email, where he was called out for contacting the police years ago in a non-threatening aftermath of an infoshop property dispute:

“I have never called the cops in my life...people are throwing personal insults and insinuating that I am a snitch. That is bullshit and I hope that people take note of who is leveling these allegations.” (Thadeaus, 10/4/09)

Please forward this widely, and fight against snitches, snitching and individuals who prey on radical social scenes.  The strength of our movements depends on it. This statement serves as a notification to all that Thadeaus is a persona non grata in NYC and should not be welcomed elsewhere. He is a dangerous, manipulative person and should not be trusted nor tolerated within any social or political communities.

-ex members of the new world in our hearts collective,
January 7th, 2010, New York City


SnitchWire endorses this outing of Dennis Burke after reviewing the information presented by the aforementioned organizations. Anyone calling themselves an anarchist should never call the police to resolve a personal dispute, especially when doing so could land comrades into the clutches of the State. In the future, individuals with abusive histories should continue to be held accountable and watched closely, especially in collective housing situations.

Make no mistake, Burke is a snitch. Using the authorities multiple times to his advantage over the span of a few years is inexcusable, and negates any revolutionary potential Burke may have had. Going through the posessions of somebody else is also a huge no-no, and it would be of interest to SnitchWire to find out who his "associates" in this situation could have been. Wherever he goes, SnitchWire would advise that Burke is shunned from working any further on anarchist projects or campaigns and definitely turned away from any kind of collective living situation. He is a hazard to the radical community and a dangerous liability as a collaborator to the State.

DO NOT call the police. This means YOU.


  1. This guy hung around southeastern ohio in the early 2000's... went by Deadbolt IIRC.

  2. looks like it's time to remove one of your amigo links then

  3. Which one anon? If you're thinking it's amor y resistencia, I wasn't under the impression he put that out and figured it would've been disclosed in the statement. If you're referring to the fact that the collective of that name is in some kind of transitional/possibly defunct stage, that blog still puts out great bilingual content on a pretty regular basis.

  4. I think they're referring to Bombs and Shields, which was/is run by this fool

  5. Questions:

    1. Blasting someone's name and personal life over the internet is different from snitching, how exaclty?

    2. Why are one party's actions are described in minute detail and the other party's actions summarized as "an inevitable confrontation" and "ensuing melee"?

    3. Why are you taking the side of the second party, who admit also calling police?

    The authors of the above claim that it "pains" them to have to focus on Thadaeus rather "fight[ing] for liberation". Their actions over the last few months would indicate just the opposite. These are people who do very little productive work yet devote a TON of time and energy to infighting, gossip, and Maoist-style self-criticism sessions.

    If you are new to this story, you should probably get better acquainted with the facts before rushing to slander someone.

  6. I'm a capitalist and even I've heard that this guy is a tool. None of this surprises me. And yeah, people who call the cops are trouble.

  7. Slander? This kid has been a nuisance for years in NYC. Yes he was once respected by many, myself included, but has fucked up time and again: multiple claims of sexual assault and or dominating behavior from ex partners, threats to sue people involved in an infoshop with him, and he has called the cops at least 4 times in the past week alone, on other people living in an anarchist collective house. This is not gossip this is fact. And I am at a loss to understand the Maoist self criticism sessions comment above.

    It is sad that this b.s. has to be shared but I support the authors for finally doing something about this guy.

    No support for this kind of behavior, not in our scenes!

  8. I "worked" with this dude 9 years ago. Dedicated as fuck. Manipulative as fuck. *IF* its true, then I'm really surprised (and saddened) that he decided to call the police ON OTHER ANARCHISTS. That shit is fucked. However, I'm not really surprised that people are sketched out by his dominating/manipulating behavior. Dominant/manipulative behavior can and should be sorted out through some collective process. On the one hand, not solving these inter-personal/political problems before they escalated this far seems like a failure by us, the anarchist community. On the other, calling the cops on a comrade is totally fucking unforgivable. Which brings me to an area of confusion: why is cool that his housemates called the cops as well?

  9. In this statement, there is nothing about the collective or any victim calling the police on thadeus. If anyone could point us in the direction that information is located and credible, that would be great. Lots of things are leaking through and we are still making sense of things.

  10. "In the ensuing melee, police were called by both parties..."

  11. I thought SnitchWire's goals was to protect political activists from repression from the state. This is a case of a fight between roommates. Are we a movement or a scene?

  12. this is not a case of a fight between room mates-this is someone who has behavior has become increasingly destructive to the NYC anarchist community, and in recent weeks has included Burke calling the cops many times, once resulting in arrests. We can't afford to have anyone else sent to prison, and so have to deal with people who are actively trying to make that happen.

  13. this man is one of the most vile people, well of all time.
    he became an anarchist so he could get laid and meet friends.
    thats it.
    such behavior is not surprising.
    fuck him.
    hope he continues wallowing in his misery.
    and anyone who wants to victimize him, clearly takes the same outlook as him
    and should also be hated

  14. The only specifics in the statement are fights between roommates. The rest is insinuation. The main demand is that someone be kicked out of "the scene." It's written by a handful of "collectives" that appear never to have done anything other than write the above statement.

    In other words, this has every indication of being exactly the sort of scenester gossip trash that keeps anarchists a tiny irrelevant clique. Fuck your scene.

  15. one-your assertion about the collectives involved is clearly false

    two-the main specifics that matter are the NUMEROUS instances of this person calling the cops, trying to get people arrested, and being successful in one instance.

    If this person hadn't chose to involve the state, this would have been a different issue, focused on different problems that we have been having with him.

    However, as it stands, he has persistently been trying to get anarchists arrested. I'm pretty sure that constitutes snitching

  16. No, informing the authorities about illegal political activity constitutes snitching.

    Roommates who fight call the police on each other constitute really, really bad roommates.

    My impression is that you have a longstanding beef with this guy and are using this as an excuse to take it public and try to get people who legitimately care about state repression to take your side in a personal dispute between people in the "scene."

  17. so, you're actually saying that calling the cops and trying to get people arrested for non-political stuff is not snitching. You're actually trying to make that argument? That's completly absurd.
    This behavior is called snitching regardless of whether or not it involves anarchists. But when it does, it's even worse because it then opens them up to increased police attention and possible incarceration.

  18. I cannot imagine why people are defending this guy. For real? His behavior is reprehensible, and it was so long before he got into the habit of calling the cops on his roommates. He has been a scourge of the community in NYC for YEARS.

    No tolerance for perpetrators or snitches.

  19. clarification

    two people were arrested
    one anarchist
    one non-anarchist

    the non-anarchist had his room broken into by three individual

    the non-anarchist called the cops to report the terrifying home invasion that he was witnessing

    one of these individuals burglarizing the room turned out to be Thadeus

    the other arrested person, the anarchist, did not call the police

    a fight broke out

    Then, Thadeus and his henchman called the cops several times.

    NYPD arrived

    the two people, anarchist and non-anarchist, were arrested for felony assault

    True Facts

  20. I'm saying that equating whatever happened here with a snitch like Brandon Darby or Jacob Ferguson is clearly insane.

    And that this is clearly a personal beef devoid of political content.

  21. oh, so that is the litmus for "snitch"? are they jacob ferguson or brandon darby? no? well then, clearly this is irrefutable evidence that burke isn't a fucking snitch.

    i've known this guy since 1999. i've traveled with him, worked with him, squatted with him, and considered him a close friend until several years ago. at some point, a person just has got to say enough is a fucking enough and face reality-- that my "friend" is a fucking asshole and not my friend.

    he's sketchy as all hell-- with money, with women he dates, with people in the "scene." he's manipulative, he's a liar, he breaks into people's rooms in the middle of a night, he crushes rats to death in the basement with a sledgehammer, he sent bills to his ex-girlfriend for "payment due" because he helped her move a year before they broke up, the list of his assholery goes on and on. and new york did not write some public statement and involve the whole wide world in our bullshit scene drama.

    but when burke started calling the cops what-- 6 or more times in the span of month?-- it's a little different than being the resident king of the assholes in new york city. he's endangering people's freedom and he's using the state in order to wield power over the people in his house. that shit is fucked and needs to be called out.

    like i said, i have known this guy for years. when we were squatting together he wanted to call the cops on some crackhead who broke into our living space and stole a housemates' computer-- he wanted to call the cops to our squat! and if i didn't have the only cell phone he would have. he called the cops when the infoshop in the brooklyn freestore got broken into my some random kid.

    at the time, i somehow rationalized his behavior because he was my friend, even though i found it totally unacceptable and told him so.

    but seriously-- this motherfucker has crept into the upstairs bedroom of a female housemate while she was sleeping and she found him standing there with his headlamp on. what the fuck?

    and the reason all of this went down? why the fuck was he snooping in the new housemember's room? why'd he break in? what did he fucking expect to have happen?

    fuck this guy. he. is. a. snitch.

  22. I've known this guy for eight years, I've lived with him, traveled with him and done actions with him. I can see that he rubs certain people the wrong way. I've also seen him grow and change a lot. I am in NYC and I see this drama and these allegations coming from a really bad place. I don't see the people behind these charges working to make positive change or do anything 1/2 as much as I see them fighting and tearing down others. Thadeaus is a decent guy and not someone who is guilty of half the shit that is being thrown around on here. The truth is that this is not about snitching this is about boyfriend / girlfriend drama allowed to explode all over a lot of people's hard work and sincere efforts. This is about power struggles and crap.

    This isn't someone who has ever cooperated with the police or tried to get anyone arrested rather someone who called the police in an attempt to diffuse a violent situation that anarchist politics had to solve. Why did it fail because it wasn't tried.

    The "anarchist collective" in question is is no longer an anarchist collective. It hasn't been for almost a year. It's been nearly a year since this collective had a meeting. Why? Because people who live in the larger building (there are two buildings) decided that consensus is bullshit or that they aren't anarchists anymore and so things broke down.

    What I heard is that Thadeaus didn't call the police at all on the night in when people were arrested and that other housemates did.

    When you broaden the definition of snitch to anyone who calls the police for any reason then it makes it hard to definitively say someone is a snitch and be right.

  23. I love Thadeaus, he is not a snitch!

  24. this is some fucking bullshit.

    this is not about boyfriend girlfriend he-said-she-said crap. this is about thadeaus calling the cops multiple times within the last month.

    we're not talking once (on jan 5th), we're talking multiple times.

    he was trying to diffuse a "violent" situation? WHY THE FUCK WAS HE IN A ROOM THAT WASN'T HIS OWN? WHY DID HE BREAK INTO THIS PERSON'S ROOM?

    stop drinking the fucking kool-aid. your friend calls the cops because he knows that is an area of weakness for the house-- that he can get the upperhand in some war-of-the-roses housefight. well, hate to break it you, but trying to dominate others by calling in the cops and getting anarchists arrested constitutes snitchcraft.

    i don't give a fuck about petty squabbles, even if i dislike this motherfucker. i start caring when he calls the cops on my friends, and he has done so many times in a short fucking time.

    there is NO REASONABLE EXPLANATION for his behavior.

    and if thadeaus is experiencing the uncomfortable feeling of consequences, then well, all the better. because THERE ARE FUCKING CONSEQUENCES TO CALLING THE COPS AND BREAKING INTO PEOPLE'S ROOMS.

  25. This wasn't someone else's room. The room had been empty after subletters left on the 1st and promptly padlocked shut. Did anyone inform Thadeaus that the room had since been occupied? No. When people who live on the same property move other people in when no one else is around and don't tell people they are allegedly in a collective with then that is fuct. Was a not even left? No. Did Thadeaus call the cops himself? No. A housemate and alleged new housemate did. Sorry this is bullshit your right but not in the way you think.

  26. why did thadeaus call the cops on dec. 10th, 16th, january 5th (twice), and jan. 6th?

    classic snitch defense is to focus and try to discredit one aspect while ignoring all other facts.

    so, what about all of these other times he called the cops? and are you actually claiming that being surprised by a new housemate is reason to break into someone's locked room with a video camera? and then call the cops?

    uh yeah. save your arguments for the suckers.

  27. If I had rats in my basement, I would kill 'em too, with whatever was handy. Talk about throwin' everything but the kitchen sink at a guy.

    I thought this site was anti-rat anyways.

  28. Let's see the video.

  29. i think i was pretty clear in saying that for all of his sketchiness (and i personally find bludgeoning rats to death sketchy) new york has only seen fit to publicly call out thadeaus (despite his being a mighty mighty asshole) once he began to call the cops on others.


    his character being well known to me, but not necessarily to others, is important in establishing context. this guy sees fit to break into the rooms of other people (for instance a woman who was sleeping by herself only to find thadeaus standing there by himself with only his headlamp), he has threatened to sue the 123 space (an anarchist-run community center), he has consistently been fucked up and murky about money he has raised while being in various collectives and where it goes, he has punched out the window of his then partner's truck while they were in an argument (and when the cops came because a neighbor called them, SHE did what she could to make sure the cops wouldn't arrest his ass), and much much more.

    thadeaus is an extremely fucked up and manipulative person, and since this whole calling-the-cops tactic has just blown up in his face, he is scrambling to try to figure a way out of sleeping in the bed he made himself.

    again i reiterate: thadeaus called the cops on dec. 10th, dec. 16th, january 5th (twice), and january 6th. he has broken into rooms that were locked and not his, and otherwise occupied by people HE KNEW, on multiple occasions. for some reason, on january 5th, he also had a video camera with him while he did this.

    i know a snitch when i see one.

  30. the same evening that the indivduals were arrested, just after they were taken away he broke open the door of the room next to that one, put that individuals belongings out on the driveway and then had a locksmith put new locks all over. when people came back from checking at the precinct, they broke off the new locks upon which thadeaus called the cops again, made up a story and then his two "friends" messed up going along with the story upon which the cops left making sure the removed items to the room . he then called the cops the very next eveningon that individual claiming the power was shut off, again similiar story, police left disgruntled over a pointless call.

  31. Sue the 123 Space? Sue who? The collective? Sue the leaseholder (himself)? Why? This sounds like more fanciful B.S. too me. I've never heard that.

  32. Women Supporting ThadeausJanuary 9, 2010 at 9:39 AM

    The title of this post is misleading at best- "NYC tells snitch..." If you add all the members of these collectives together you get maybe 8 people who are too afraid to publicly put their names on this. A lot more than 8 people in NYC love and support Thadeaus and hope that these "collectives" can focus on something more positive and constructive.

    Snitchwire, you are just as much to blame for posting a slanderous statement without knowing the whole story, having any real evidence or knowing who your authors are. Leaving it online for "journalist posterity" while you "investigate" from you computers in Denver while your site traffic goes up is shameful. I hate to tell you, but that's not "journalist" by any definition.

  33. anyone who defends or supports this man.
    should also be demonized.
    fuck this last post.
    fuck whoever wrote this.
    everything here is true.
    people are afraid to go home cause they are tired of the cops.
    were assuming anything in support of this man is probably the man himself.
    but at the same time:
    the only thing concerned with about this being posted.
    is that thadeus will probably use this against people in the court of law.
    and the people who posted this do not live in the house.
    or have any connection to the house its referring to
    but he would probably use this against the people in the house anyway.
    cause he is a snitch
    and his only friends at this point are the police
    but its annoying that no one who wrote this realizes the significance of the people in the house, and the constant anxiety they feel being home.
    on another note
    so "woman" supporting him
    fuck you
    fuck you
    anyone who disagrees with this
    your an idiot
    and fuck you
    fuck thadeus
    its about time his name was ruined for good
    fuck this man
    but honestly
    fuck him years ago
    this shit aint new

  34. Just to add another voice to this... I had nothing to do with the writing of this statement, and I am fully behind everything it says. This HAS been a long time coming. I'd be really, really shocked if Thaddeus had any friends left in NYC. If they exist, they are far outweighed by the number of people who have had some time to get to know how he operates and, therefore, no longer consider him an ally. He puts his self interest above anything else - friends, common decency, and certainly anarchist (or any other) values. That comes out in all the ways that have been alluded to so far. He is controlling, manipulative, and selfish. More to the point of this discussion: he continues to call himself an anarchist even as he calls the cops once a week and uses the state as a weapon against people in the community to which he claims he belongs. Please. He's a snitch. He's not worth the time it takes to try to defend him.

  35. I am shocked that there is even a debate around this. Beyond the *extensive* history of fucked up things that thadeaus has done, the reason this post is here is clearly to address specific snitching behavior. As many people as they want(women or otherwise) could come out in support of him, and this wouldn't change the fact that he is a snitch, that will likely call the cops more times in the future. The situation with him has been building up to this point, and if it isn't taken care of now, it is likely to get worse. Please, show me more than a handful of anarchists who have been in NYC for years who would trust or vouch for Burke.

  36. In my opinion this is what greed can do to people and maybe Thadeaus is motivated by that or maybe he is simply the most stuborn ass ever but this supposed "anarchist collective" is a veritable lord of the flies. People have been taking over other people's rooms some people pay rent and others do what they will with it casue there is no landlord, there is no authority. People live there not because they like it often but because it is a free place to live. Thadeaus has always lived in the smaller of the two buildings and up until recently that was autonomous and so these alleged roommates don't actually live together but are neighbors. It sounds to me like this is the fall out from an imperialistic effort of some oppertunistic assholes to take over their neighbors shit and push them out.

  37. you're missing the point-no one gives a fuck about the power struggles in that house, except for two points. 1) Thadeaus is bringing in the cops and jeopardizing comrades and 2) everyone else in that house wants him out, and since they are not going to utilize the police in trying to make that happen, they have to turn to the rest of the anarchist excuse for 'community'

  38. hey this guy:

    anyone who defends or supports this man.
    should also be demonized.
    fuck this last post.
    fuck whoever wrote this."

    little defensive?

    this type of droning bullshit is why the anarchist / insurrectionist whatever clique in new york is considered a fucking black hole of bullshit by people all over the country and people steer clear of it unless they are enrolled in one of ny's hugely expensive gentrifying universities.


    Maybe in internet fantasy land the more you say "Fuck this fuck that" the more people are supposed to take you seriously (and probably do unfortunately) and when they don't you go off and call them liberals to your 3 friends.

    but for the record, you sound like a total psycho. Describing everything you did as noble and revolutionary (and sounding REALLY pretentious and full of yourselves) and everything the other might have done as "manipulative and lying" without mentioning the violence and threats you made for the past months is not convincing. it makes you sound like george bush backpedalling over WMDs in iraq. it is how people talk when they know they have something to hide and it is likely to come to light.

    BOTH PARTIES CALLED THE COPS. One of them wrote a communique saying the other was a snitch without any explanation of their own actions. I'm guessing you were part of it by your defensiveness. so by your own (Wrong) definition,you are a snitch as is thaddeus. will you please post your own face on this website for the good of the community? or you relying on the fact that other people actually take the word snitch seriously to keep you safe? what about when the 123 space called the cops on some people of color? where are their pictures? or is that excusable because you happen to be friendly with them.


    crying wolf about snitches is a great way ostracize anyone who you happen to be in a power struggle with, or want to move out of your house, or you owe money to, or whatever. (until someone uses it on you of course)

    You're either with us or against us. if you're against us you should be demonized. if you don't believe our anonymous communique about how it was "inevitable" you should be demonized. Don't question, you fucking liberal! We'll tell you who to hate.

    Fuck you and all you represent.

  39. c&p

    I have a couple of questions that were conveniently ignored by the "press release" put out-

    The above email says both parties called the cops. then shit went south and two people of color were arrested.

    why is thaddeus and not the other party also responsible for calling the cops?

    Why is it that the other party are not also called "snitches" why is thaddeus named in a communique about calling the cops and not this other party?

    if the quote about him calling them was made before the incident,(10/04/09) what does it prove exactly except that he decided to do something that the other party did also, at a later date? why is that presented as proof of a lie?

    Why does it then say later on straight out that thaddeus put them in jail when it says earlier multiple parties called the police?

    WHY AREN'T BOTH parties that called the cops being called snitches or held responsible for two people of color going to jail? (and why does the other party get to be anonymous?)

    What was the "made up claim?" he called the cops on over the next day?

    who the fuck got their face sliced up for fucks sake?

    why wasn't this mentioned in the "communique" or whatever the hell it was?

    thaddeus says someone broke his arm allegedly and needs surgery. Were the people who ended up in jail involved in the breaking of his arm?

    and if so shouldn't that be mentioned alongside the fact of his race? (did thaddeus do anything similar to someone else for that matter?)

    what about the fact that he is on the lease and kicking him out of the house still leaves him responsible for a house full of people who hate him and would presumably screw him over in whatever way possible?

    Thaddeus has been a jerk in many ways and has taken responsibility for some of them. this does not mean he is a snitch.

    for weeks rumours had been going around that reached thaddeus that he was going to be violently assualted by people who he for some reason has yet to name publicly. (something a snitch might be expected to do)

    he had just got home from a cancer surgery to find that someone had been moved into a room in the house he lived in who went on to threaten to "cut his fingers off" and who when he looked up on the internet had killed someone.

    SNITCHING is being paid by the government to record and infiltrate activists in order to send them to prison. Thaddeus is not blameless but he has also been more accountable to the community then many of the people involved in throwing him out. since whoever yells the loudest gets to pass judgement on the guy and no one really has a particularly long attention span, its not rocket science how this would be done.

    There are people on this blog who probably fit this descriptions, and incidentally they are probably a lot smarter then most of the people posting inflammatory bullshit, anonymously.

    if not, the nature of this blog is doing the FBI's job for them. I also know that people involved with kicking thaddeus out have histories of a lot of sketchy bullshit including lying, manipulation and violence.

    to post on the internet saying "he's a snitch" and then in the fine print, "oh maybe he's not, maybe there's more to it, maybe being a dick isn't the samething as being paid to work for the FBI" is spineless, unaccountable and is basically "Crying wolf"

    s the woman i know who was held at gunpoint in your own home by 3 men in masks a snitch? something that happened to someone within the past year around the corner from the house mentioned- would that woman a snitch because she didn't feel like waiting for the anarcha feminist rescue brigade to show up? by definition, you are also a snitch.

  40. to cut and paste from some one else:
    This is a personal problem between roomates and should be treated as one. Violence is bullshit it is not for some pacifist ideology of any kind. this is a practical issue. Violence brings down cops. threatening people over roomate issues is not "direct action."

    finally, there is room for more then one person who is an asshole in the anarchist "clique" that feels entitled to anonymously claim to represent all of nyc and feel the need to spam the rest of us with the latest pretentious bullshit they've come up with.

    Thaddeus HAS been in mediation for being abusive in relationships and jumped through every hoop people have put in front of him. you neglect to mention that some of the people in the circle are the same ones threatening people.

    Of the 8 or so people that make up these new collectives several of them have almost identical issues to thaddeus of which they have done absolutely nothing to address. There are plenty of other stubborn manipulative lying police calling outright snitching even anarchist assholes in new york and they should really be sending thaddeus christmas cards for taking the spotlight off them for so long.

  41. "what about when the 123 space called the cops on some people of color" THADEAUS/BURKE was there and approved of at least one of those instances. I'm sure that fool will deny it at this point, but it happened and is fact.

  42. uh, so you respond to something kind of, sort of...
    "fool" ?

    what about

    did YOU approve of that?

    whats your name by the way?
    bet you i could guess it in under 3 tries,
    snitchy magoo...

  43. you want to talk about greed?

    this entire post stems from someone wanting their friend to move into this house and thaddeus being in the way.

    apparently some of the people who kicked thaddeus out originally considered getting a restraining order on him after provoking thaddeus into attacking him.

    according to thaddeus they have over a dozen times tried to get him to hit them and get into a physical fight, again in order to provoke him into moving out...

    signed the One Guy Pretending To Be A Collective

  44. I would like to know the names of the other party that called the cops


  46. fair's fair. the commenters here who are close to the action should name the other people who called police. the men in the circle who have engaged in violence and manilupative behaviour should be held accountable too but maybe in another forum.

  47. Thadeaus is annoying. But there are people who have a weird, vendetta against him. They've called him 'a perpetrator' now a 'snitch', and, I guess, a rat killer. It is embarassing that this is what passes for anarchism nowadays.

    Please. Go and fucking do something good with your time. Make the world a better place. Help people realize their autonomy, smash capitalism and the state. This collective bullying is not social war. You are not helping anyone by ganging up on some dude with cancer. You are wasting your and everyone else's time with shit like this.

    Oh. But maybe that's the whole point. Divert attention from the real problem.

    Snichwire. This is a good old fashioned real estate grab. Don't be fooled. Rent strike mansions are hard to come by. Thadeaus has the lease on one.

  48. Is anyone actually disputing that this guy called the cops and had 2 people arrested? Because that's snitching.

  49. Yes. No one was arrested as a result of Thaddeaus calling the police. Two people called the police preceeding the two arrests and neither of them was Thadeaus, one those who called the police was one of the people who was arrested, the other lived at the house but was not Thaddeaus and was not arrested.

  50. I was at the NYC house during one of the times that Thadius called the pigs. He stated that he did, and would continue to do so. He also said that if they house was on fire, "come lookin for me, cause I probably did it."


  51. Oh.





  52. There is serious obfuscation going on here. Thaddeus called the police, did he not?

  53. 1) ATTN: "BOTH PARTIES CALLED THE COPS" WHINER: The other person who called the cops ON A KNOWN COP CALLER was NOT an anarchist. The anarchist in question did not call the cops. No one appears to be endorsing any sort of cop calling here.

    2) Last I checked there were well over 20 people in Aftershock Alliance alone. I guess Anarchist Black Cross was also just made up this past week, not to provide support to prisoners but to endorse shit and sound official.

    3) Women in support of Thadeaus? Tell me, out of the 3 or so of you that would defend him publicly, what has he done for women that should warrant his crack defense team? He FINALLY participated in an accountability circle that was asked of him for at least a year? He had a relationship that didn't qualify as abusive? Would love to know. And who are the ones actually hiding behind a made up group name here? I can think of at least one person who has vehemently defended him because they are just as shady and they know they are next to be called out. Birds of a feather.

    Crushing living creatures with a sledgehammer is fucking inhumane and there is no excuse for it. Breaking the windows of your ex's car during an argument is a violent power play and i'm sure none of the "women" supporting him would vouch for him afterwards if it happened to them. Calling the cops to a squat, a community space, and a house of your peers is unacceptable. These have all been brought up to demonstrate sketchy character flaws for those who do not know him, not because there are not "real" facts here. How can people defend him for these in good conscience? Wouldn't a real supporter of his make sure he was getting help?

    Black hole? "City is a pity, half of y'all won't make it." So you can keep hating from behind your computers in Iowa a safe distance away.


  55. This is disgusting. If you are defending Thaddeus, you are defending a man who used to police to defend himself, and therefore you are defending and condoning the use of the police as tool for personal gain. He called the police on numerous occasion. There is no dispute here. Whether he is a snitch or not is merely a matter of semantics, his actions speak for themselves.

    Get over it. Your Goddamn friend would call the cops and have you thrown in jail if it would save his own ass. Stop being soft.

  56. anonymous calls anonymous a coward for being anonymous!

    I know this isn't written IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or anything, but someone else claims this:

    "Yes. No one was arrested as a result of Thaddeaus calling the police. Two people called the police preceeding the two arrests and neither of them was Thadeaus, one those who called the police was one of the people who was arrested, the other lived at the house but was not Thaddeaus and was not arrested."

    so why this site supposedly has any validity towards anything when its clear that anyone can pretty much say anything (including real snitches)
    is beyond me.

    Either put the picture of the other person who called the cops up (since it doesn't matter if he's an anrchist or not, it matters that he/she is calling the cops) or take thaddeus' down. its always a question of "semantics" when you just can't get people to agree with you isn't it?

    "City is a pity, half of y'all won't make it."

    half of "y'all" are not from here, moved here to go to gigantic evil colleges and have a guilt complex the size of whatever state you did come from and seem to think that New York City was just waiting for you to come along to save all the poor black people that don't seem to exist wherever you're from. and they think that quoting rap lyrics somehow fools anyone. since this site is a fucking joke anyway,

    Jay-Z is a douchebag and would have robbed your ass had you shown up here 15 years ago and before the cops paved the way for you to live in brooklyn. you would have called the cops on him He's also sponsoring the Nets Stadium. so fuck you.

    Actually, thaddeus has in fact been in a non abusive relationship since then. he also has been going to the mediations despite being simultaneously threatened by the people who are supposedly mediating. Mediation, nyc style.

    welcome to new york city everyone- where insurrection is an internet role playing game and your charisma points go up the more shit you can talk about thaddeus.

    home of spineless cowards who beat people up, issue one-sided communiques about it that sound like the fucking communist newspaper.

    Where anyone who might actually give a shit about something besides beating up garbage cans at protests is a "Hater" and people make fun of people for having cancer.

    where the only response to being called out/ taking responsibility is (if you're not thaddeus) "thaddeus sucks".


    if you actually believe this, you are not serious.

  58. This guy called the cops 5 times in the last month.
    He only got his way once where 2 people were arrested.
    He called the cops 5 times.
    The people defending him, which is obviously just Thadeaus writing under different names, should probably also try to dispute other claims of calling the cops.
    Cause there are witnesses to all of them, in fact more in depth evidence to it.
    So if the one time was ok?
    What about the 4 others?
    And if the one time was ok according to his supporters, clearly they should not be considered an opinion that matters, cause it is never ok to call the police.
    This man wants us in jail.
    This man is a bad person.
    And on this website cause he is a snitch.
    5 times!
    BTW it really is Thadeaus just writing different comments and emails trying to seem like more then himself support him.

  59. I'm more than disturbed by this thread. It seems like anyone who defends thadeaus, or just has a problem with the way this is being handled, is an idiot and also a snitch. Oh and possibly also shady and watch out cause you might be called out next (ie: your full name and photo posted on a blog). These collectives are taking cues from the Karl Rove handbook.

  60. Thadeaus is a filthy fucking snitch. Multiple times he came into our room and threatened us with lawyers, cops, court cases, etc. He shut off the water when we lived there because we wouldnt pay rent directly to him. Sketchy things went on with a female housemate's underwear. He used abusive, sexist, homophobic, racist language on the daily. He openly stated that the backhouse property was his, and used landlordism (slumlording) to make it so.

    "This is not an anarchy, this is my property"
    -Dennis Burke AKA Ded Bolt AKA Thadeaus.

    Oh and! He spends 23 hours a day on the internet, so the scumfuck is probably posting on this, pretending to be other folks... It wouldnt be the first time!

    I hope he catches a bat to the face.

    Death to snitches.
    Death to pigs.
    Death to the state.

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  62. "It seems like anyone who defends thadeaus, or just has a problem with the way this is being handled, is an idiot and also a snitch."

    I don't see anyone calling Thaddeus's defender(s) a snitch. Only Thaddeus is being called a snitch. I also don't see anyone arguing that he has not, in fact, called the cops multiple times. Which, to me, sounds like snitching.

  63. The 718 number is actually the landline for the entire house as I understand it. Before Thaddeaus had a cell phone I think one of the phones wrang in his room, but there may not even be a phone plugged into that line anymore.

  64. shut up. everyone.

  65. some of us are actually from here, and did not move here for college if that is fathomable to your very small minds. and yeah, jay-z was right about one thing. wanna keep arguing about it to stray even further from the real point? sounds like internet role playing fun to me.

    i can vouch for at least one person in his "support group" being just as insane, sketchy with people's money, abusive and manipulative as he is who has been overlooked in the "anarchist scene" because they have earned so many "anarcho-points" with younger activists. i'm almost certain even that person would not call the cops. so back to the question at hand; why is thadeaus being called out on here? because he is a self-proclaimed anarchist who called the cops multiple times to get his way.

    but if things were that simple, people wouldn't have fodder to whine about on the internet and they would have to go back to having meetings about what a great guy THAD is. yeah, i guess comparatively this seems like the better option.

  66. His only phone is the landline at the house.

  67. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  68. Ok this is getting out of hand. Thadeaus is a plague on NYC but lets keep the rhetoric down a bit, there are people still facing charges thanks to Thadeaus, and violent shit written on here does not help the situation. The post above (falsely calling out an individual as the author of this piece)is disgusting and obviously from Thadeaus or one of his deluded supporters. There is a list of people who wrote and endorsed this statement, is made up of many well known and respected groups in the city.
    No one involved in calling out an abusive police calling piece of shit like Thadeaus should have their info made public. Scumbags.

  69. part 1

    it is a bit irresponsible on the part of those who posted this.
    but no one who lives in so and so house had a part in posting this.
    people should have shown more respect and cited that. we would also like to add that that house is not an anarchist house, considering thadeus lives there, and the fact that it was never recognized that way by those who live there.
    nor did the number and name listed above have anything to do with this post.
    although members of the house vouch for these statements and have suffered the wrath of thadeus.
    not to mention a constant fear of coming home to the police.
    a fear of waking up to his creepy self breaking into their rooms in the the middle of the night.
    being scared to bring friends or lovers over cause he has been known to corner people.
    or in the most recent case of him, the 1st time he called the cops that day, cause there were 2 times, 2 people were arrested, and are currently without a comfortable home.
    because he pressed a restraining order.
    it is scary that this is up for those in the house, only because thadeus is a snitch.
    those living there have to deal with the anxiety of a man like this. they have to put up with the fear of having the police constantly visiting you and being greeted by this man.
    they have to deal with whatever wrath this posting will bring to them.
    its stupid that the people who wrote that statement, who DONT live with him, had to be opportunistic with other behavior he has done.
    if you live in nyc, and your not a fucking moron, or someone who doesnt know him that well, or an impressionable child, you know how awful and abusive this man is.
    some of the people who wrote that also were defenders of him at one point, and just as retarted as whatever defenders exist here that aren't him.
    but at the same time, although it was stupidly written and slightly inconsiderate to the people who have to live with him, all of the above is true.
    but he is on this site, not for stealing girls underwear, abusing girlfriends, or stealing money from "radical" projects.
    he is on here for the anxiety that those who are in that house have to feel when going to sleep.
    not only was not everyone in that house asked if they were comfortable with this, the people who wrote it do not have to deal with the after effect.
    but the reason that those in the house have to deal with it, is because he is a snitch.
    because he threatens those in the house with false claims.
    he corners those in the house that are smaller then him, and calls the cops on those who are his size. or just tougher then him.
    he is a coward and a snitch.
    and to his supporters, instead of fuck you, maybe you should realize the fear the people in that house have to deal with living with this man. because your so called friend, uses the police to his advantage.
    to the opportunists and shit-talkers, maybe you should take into consideration the fact that your not going to have to deal with this directly.
    although it is all his fault, the fact that this man may end up putting peoples names and numbers on the internet, who had nothing to do with this posting this, is a consequence of the statement, something that should been taken into consideration when this was written.
    he has also been known to spread lies himself, to ignore attention to his behavior. calling others snitches, creating confusion, and making fake emails.

    part 2 is after

  70. part 2

    also its important that we realize that while this is all true, the time where 2 people were arrested was not the first time he called the cops. not even that day.
    it was the 5th this month.

    he has also called the cops after getting burglarized.
    without insurance, meaning that he only hoped to catch the people.
    this was 3 years ago, and stuipidly not cited by the fucking activists who wrote this statement.
    he also has threatened to call the police multiple times prior to the original time he did this. which was weeks before this incident.
    may we add, no one did anything to help, or pay attention, until 2people were arrested.
    may we also add, that people have claimed that those in the house have not done enough to deal with this man, which is disgusting and offensive.
    he also offered to testify in the court case of individuals on trial, saying he would demonize their character with the intention of bribeing them to listen to him.
    why wasnt that in the statement either.
    these are reasons why he is dangerous and a snitch.
    fuck you thadeus.
    but also fuck the people who wrote that statement. that house is not an opportunity for another campaign, it is a space where people live and look for safety, something he has shattered.
    cause its written badly, and clearly motivated by the selfish emotions of people who do not have to deal with him everyday.
    why now?
    why didnt this happen years ago?

  71. part 3

    snitchwire is right.
    this should be a learning experience.


    people should not just be considered "comrades" for the identities or "politics" they claim.
    for this behavior has been frequent from this man. and he is a perfect example of anarchy being only a sub-culture.


    the activist logic used in this statement. not to mention publicly citeing a house as anarchist that can be easily connected to this article is a real threat to the safety of the people in this house who have to come in contact with the police. misrepresenting groups for activist gain has been applied for years when "community organizing" and is obviously being mentioned here.


    the only thing we should be discussing is the fact that this so called radical man works with the police. anything else just reeks of "scene" bullshit and compromises the integrity of this website and the importance of rooting people like this out.


    that when someone is showing this type of behavior years before it having real consequences, should have been confronted when it originally manifested.


    that people need to recognize the seriousness of having certain political interests, and the awfulness of exposing them on the internet.
    childishly ignoring that exposes the stupidity activists have clearly stemming from only existing a small isolated sub-culture.

    writing among the shit.
    what else can be said.

  72. There are so many comments here from people with axes to grind. This was Thaddeus' home, he's actually on the lease. This isn't an anarchist space, its more like a house full of punk rock kids.

    I will not pretend to know the facts about all of the accusations made against him, but i do know that many in this article are plan false.

    For starters, in the last incident, Thaddeus was attacked in his home by two men, one of which was hitting him with steel bicycle handle bars. He didn't call the cops, another house mate and one of his attackers did. It's clear that the authors of this article lied about at least that fact to make their point.

    As for the other accusations of him calling the police I really don't know anything about them, but I would also like to point out that the those accusations in this article are particularly vague and could be expanded upon.

    As for another point, the people who have written comments in support of Thaddeus are real people, they're not brainless followers, or thaddeus pretending to be other people or something. There are many more people in the nyc activist scene who work really hard on awesome projects who are sick of a handful of people who are just interested in posturing in scenester politics.

    And yes this whole thing is posturing, I am not pretending that I know the whole truth, but I know this is story, snitch wire, is not how it comes about. If you're really concerned with helping the community I hope you'd realize how damaging many of y'all's talk is.

    Not saying that these issues arn't in serious need to be addressed. What I'm saying is that bullshitting, lying, threatening, etc... is doing nothing more than the cops job for them.

  73. haha.
    hey thadeus?
    how do you know that all those comments in support are you aren't from you?
    if that wasnt just you writing...

  74. thadeus your a fucking moron.
    also that day was with you and 2 other big men breaking into the rooms of one of the arrested.
    thadeus also attacked them first.
    apparently he and his two goons are just white bitches, and lost the fight he instigated
    your an idiot thadeus

  75. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  76. Isn't it convenient to allegedly remain peaceful while there is a video camera and witnesses? Maybe that's why all the "reactionary" posts were made; if a man has a history of violence and abuse, and they confront another party, outnumbering the other party 3 to 2, then it's a bit more clear to those who were not in the room how things allegedly had gone down that night according to the supporters of party #2. Let's not confuse "scene bullshit" with back story, either. I have confidence that the individuals who issued this statement did so for the same reason of attempting to provide background, and when it is not just a handful of people taking the time to do so, it is less easy for Thadeaus to pull the same evasive tactics he has been using to stifle questioning of his character for YEARS. One of these is by cutting down individuals calling him out instead of dealing with his problems (a common manipulation tactic) to shift attention from him, making it look like it's merely Anarchist scene drama. Those who were perseverant enough to follow through were cut down as well, with some of his supporters going to far as to insinuate COINTELPRO was involved, trying to tear apart the anarchist community. Really, is that what it's come down to, when people in your circle ask someone to undergo accountability and therapy they must be working with the CIA? "Bully tactics and exclusion of rights of a particular individual (isn't anarchist ideals)" well clearly that is a pot calling the kettle black.

  77. The guy was attacked in his home by people that don't live there, he didn't call the cop, his attackers did and the incident is on video. Sure you don't like him, but don't lie about parts of what happened to make your point. If anything it completely invalidates your other concerns.

    BTW, "apparently he and his two goons are just white bitches, and lost the fight he instigated" - ???

  78. the man dave is an ex-gi.
    he never lived at that house with the consent of people other then this awful man.
    he also never lived in that room mentioned, only in a room that was never utilized as a bedroom.
    that being in a crevice under a staircase.
    he actually, when speaking to the police, cause he is also a snitch, stumbled over his words, and exposed that he never lived in such room.
    buts its important to realize that such facts dont matter, cause all this man is doing is rationalizing calling the police.
    making him also an apolegist for a snitch.

    also now that peoples names are being drawn into this, that had nothing to do with the post.

    we would like to point out the complete lack of responsibility on the part of those who posted.

    now people's names are being put up here, and their personal security exposed.

    it is funny though, that this dave and thadeus character now are just blatently lyeing or if they cant do that, rationalizing the call.

  79. two individuals lived in that room before.
    a couple not named dave.
    this is a lie.
    also just cause your comfortable having your name voluntarily up here, for whatever reason, the individuals you mentioned have nothing to do with this posting.
    and its quite suspicious as to why you would be bringing others into this, who had nothing to do with the post.

  80. "look, i did it okay. it was my fault all along."

    pin the quote on the snitch:
    -Disgruntled housemates

    this is a real whodunit! boy, i know a certain Federal agency that just loves this kind of thing.

    i wish snitchwire was for snitches and not this BS, regardless of whether Thadeus called the cops on anyone, this is obviously some intra-scene fighting which doesn't need to be on this website.

  81. so tired pf people saying it is "inter-scene" fighting, or housemate drama.

    you know how much infighting and housemate drama would have graced this site were that all it was? maybe if every alleged radical who was a cop caller made it on here, people would see how this situation is different in comparison.

    this man represents a threat to the community; he is not someone who only called the cops on his housemates during an alleged conflict (which would still be absolutely unacceptable) he is using the state as a tool to win conflicts that have STEMMED from him. this is NOT OK. options were given by those who at some point considered him a friend, time and time again, yet he refused to be held accountable and remained a threat. a big line was crossed from someone calling the cops (again, which is still unacceptable. how is that even debatable at this point? if you think it is, then what are you even doing on this site besides coming to argue) and someone who views themselves as unstoppable and untouchable, who would proceed to use cop calling as an intimidation tactic against those who find it morally reprehensible.

    and if he was allegedly struck during an altercation in which he was calling the police, or after he had already repeatedly called, then boo fucking hoo. that's like someone complaining about hurting their hand after punching their partner in the face. he did it to himself, and he is well aware of what the consequences may have been for his actions.

  82. Regardless of what has or has not happened there are things in this posting that go against anarchist philosophy straight out.
    Outting someone's name when it is unnecessary to the story, since no-one really uses it was completely unnecessary for the protection of people in this scene.
    There are choices being made here that make whatever allegations are true against Thadeus more difficult to believe due to the vindictive nature of those choices. It's really ugly. If you aren't correct when you fight clean and clear you aren't correct at all.

    Attempting to make some people's voices worth less than others is also counterproductive. Assuming that anyone who posts on someones behalf is that person and going to extremes of language to attempt to force other people to go along with that is total fascist bullshit.
    I have my own voice it does not belong to you. Taking it away is wrong, period. It does not make me(over here on the other side of the country) inclined to support anything you are involved in when you do that.
    Furthermore saying that you know anything about what my or any other womens relationship with Thadeaus must be like based on the perception of him you are trying to sell is fucked up and wrong. Do not take my experience away from me whether I am accusing someone of abusing me or saying it didn't happen. My experience is mine.

    Does anyone have records of the police contacts? Hard to believe what actually happened unless someone does. Oh right, but even if you ask a cop for directions you are a snitch.

    How convenient. I guess I'm a snitch for filing a restraining order against a man who violently attacked me and several other women, including raping women in my community. On a personal note to whoever wrote that: Fuck you.
    I'm sure that did not help me sound any more intelligent.

    The reality here from the outside: I do not know what happened. Records of the phone calls could perhaps be acquired from lawyers? That's how I got the records of the restraining orders my attackers ex-wife filed on him.
    Students ofen have access to free legal services there should be lawyers in your scene, right?

  83. the whole "outing him on this website is snitching too" line has really got to go. by that logic, a survivor of sexual assault who calls out their attacker is also a snitch. if you can't see the difference between trying to protect your community from a legitimate threat by making it known and calling the cops, maybe you should re-evaluate your own shit.

  84. Direct Response:I do not have a problem with myself having created a website to oust a rapist in my community, I do not care if anyone said I wasa snitch for it either. I did tell on him for his behaivior. This situation is a little more hypocritical and should have been handled with better delicacy.
    The person who I ousted for a thickly extended history of sexual assault and domestic violence was not someone who had been involved in political activity and since I was posting it myself and had legal paperwork as well as tape recorded interviews with survivors back my shit up when I posted it, there was no question at any point on the legitimacy of what I was doing.
    In this situation we are dealing with some who pretty ONLY used his pseudonym so for you to protect the immediate community that is all you would need to use.
    Further, it would make sense after making certain everything was legitimate to use both names, but unless you make this listserve something less accesible to the FBI or a situation where you are only outing snitches who are already known to the legal system as anarchists or activists etc, then you are outing people for their political actions and that is a problem. If they fight what someone else defined as a snitch above where they are collaborating with the legal system to get people in trouble for their political activity the police already know who they are and this is different and the difference should have at least been considered before posting both names.

  85. Some of my words did not go through on that last posting, I apologize for any lack of clarity and am willing to fix it if you don't understand any part of it. Some words and parts of words are missing.

  86. Ill just clarify some should be someone it should say "pretty much ONLY used his pseudonym"
    at the bottom it should say "fit what seomeone else defined" not fight

  87. Oh man, this is hilarious. Anarchyland just gets crazier every year! This all is not quite as funny as the crimethinc/apoc brawl from earlier this year, but it's at least good for a few chuckles. One thing: the situation could use more communiques. Remember, activist drama always needs *multiple* duelling communiques--- why would one suffice when it's just as easy to draft four? Just some constructive advice.

  88. Even a wek and a half ago Thadeaus threatened to call the cops on a roommate for not jumping up to let him into the other house on the property at 3 in the morning. Keep in mind what makes Thadeaus a snitch is not because he calls the cops out of fear of his own safety, allthough in my opinion that is deplorable as well, some might disagree. What makes him a threat is his willingness to use the state and it's machinery to wield as a weapon against other people that he has personal problems with. People who have never physically harmed him, in any way, who were not jeapordizing his basic safety at all. Thadeaus attempted to take 2 rooms by force and give them away to his friends, and he broke peoples locks and moved their shit outside their rooms. He was not a victim in this situation. And him and his friends pressed charges and got restraining orders, which effectively barred 2 people from their homes while at the same time Thadeaus claims that he "has a right to housing" but as is clearly demonstrated by his own actions he does not believe this right extends to others. No matter how you look at the situation, when you use the cops as leverage over other people, especially when it is not a matter of imminent danger, you are absolutely a snitch. Sorry to all of thadeaus "supporters" but if you in fact really do exist you should think about how Thadeaus was friends at one point with most of the people he's been calling the cops on. Which means that if you ever have a personal dispute with him that this is a frightening possibility that you may have to deal with, just like the others that you are berrating for calling him out on his snitch behavior.

  89. Truth is that on the night in question police were called to the scene by people other than Thaddeaus (specifically his attackers, who he refuses to name).

    Thaddeaus did not name names, provide information, cooperate with an investigation, press charges or file a report. No one was prosecuted as a result of all this B.S..

  90. wow. I feel sad that I spent my time reading this. Down with the internet! Up with compassion!

  91. Thadaeus has been cool with me, letting me crash at his place and go through his impressive 'zine archives. Nothing but hospitable. I'll post an update if anything changes.

    This stuff is always tricky, personally I give someone the benefit of the doubt until they burn me. Thad's been cool to me, and "In Our Hearts" seem like good people. I back up my experiences and opinion to this point in time with my name, something not many on this site seem willing to do.

    But then, we're all involved in our various levels of covert super important revolutionary shit. rock on nyc


  92. Shazz:

    You seem to suffer from the same flawed logic that currently plagues activist scenes. It's "if I haven't experienced it, it hasn't happened" syndrome. You give someone the benefit of the doubt until they burn you? That's great if the person you've decided to trust is a serial abuser and snitch who has yet to abuse or snitch on you. Are you completely incapable of learning from the experiences of others? Have you sought out the folks who have been abused and/or snitched on by DJ Suggested D? Their experiences could inform your take on the world.

    I don't know anything about "In Our Hearts," and they probably are good people. That doesn't change the well-researched and documented history of Thadeaus. If you haven't, please read the snitchwire followup at

    How this creep Dennis Burke is allowed to recruit new followers in NYC is beyond me.

  93. does anyone here understand this term:


    it stands for "do it yourself". that means take care of your own shit, with anybody that chooses to help you do so. stop whining and broadcasting this stupid bullshit, and DO SOMETHING about it.

    where i live, when someone is repeatedly proven to be an asshole that nobody else wants around, that person is explicitly removed from the area. period. no state involvement, no internet marketing of personalities, no "he said/she said" bullshit. take care of business. period.

    for fucks sake, stop talking shit and DO SOMETHING.

  94. It's become more than clear that this is total bullshit, just some unsubstantiated internet drama with no evidence that was put out there by anonymous individuals, made up groups and a few people with unrelated beef.

  95. It looks like Thadeaus was actually attacked by people working as snitches / government agents and not one himself. -


  96. Thadeus hit me in the head with a metal bat for merely being in his basement looking for my shit. I posed no threat to him and stated my intention, but he still started both swinging the bat and blocking my only exit. After wrestling the bat away from him he jumped on my back and pulled my hair. Then I handed the bat to a 3rd party and suggested we go outside to talk. He exhibited no remorse, though previously I had considered him a friend. My head was bleeding by then. He claims that I owed him a hundred dollars, skimmed from fellow renters or something when we changed over rooms. I disagreed, actually had money in my pocket that day to talk it out with him and reach an agreement. But when he saw me in the basement that day he just started swinging, guess cause I entered the apt without asking him. In my defense, I had lived there just a couple months previously and hadn't realized I had become such a persona non grata. Bleeding on his stoop I asked if my life was worth that much. He said, "apparently our friendship wasn't." Maybe we had a fallout or whatever, but you don't hit your friends or even ex-friends in the heads with bats over a hundred bucks. In fact, you don't charge a person with a bat if you're built like Thadeus because a person like me will take it away from you like a little kid. Dude exhibits sociopath behavior that day, I do not plan on ever interacting with him again because of it. Shook his hand, made my peace and moved on. But heads up, no pun intended, there's a screw loose with the fucker. Before I thought maybe just a little eccentric, but a fuckin bat to the head? Now I understand why he has so many enemies. IfI was an angrier person I'd have returned the favor, but the surrealness of the whole situation was just shocking. As it is, seems like he has enough reasons to watch his back, bad character is its own reward. Just keep this type of documented irrationality in mind if you're going to associate with him is my only advice. Would be happy to substantiate my story in person, there were witnesses, post on here and we'll figure a way to msg you my #. -David

  97. Hi
    I think it looks amazing. I'm not sure I would have had the patience that you had though!

  98. it's a conspiracy. what T is accused of is tame in comparison to what is really occurring. revolution is just around the corner, we need to take advantage of slaves to power and wield them for our own purposes, revolution and shit.