Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't Call it a Comeback

SnitchWire is doing what it can to get back to full publishing capacity! Presently, our email system is up, running and reliable with full PGP encryption support, so if you've got some hot tips to send out way, feel free to email us at snitchwire@riseup.net and if you've got an itch to encrypt, use our key.

If you'd like to get involved with SnitchWire, we could use volunteers to help write content and investigate stories. It's also becoming pretty apparent that we need a redesign and streamlining of the site as well, because it's ugly as sin. Anyone looking to donate their services to SW would be greatly appreciated and should strike up correspondence with us immediately.

The reason the site has been sparingly updated is because of lack of time, funds, and dedicated computers. We may be considering a fundraising drive via paypal in order to finance a new computer for the office, a dedicated server in which we could free ourselves from Google, and some travel money to make it easier to research stories. What are the readers' thoughts on this? Would any of you donate? Is this project worthwhile to sustain? Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email.

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