Friday, July 23, 2010

Utah Man Arrested in Connection With String of ALF Arsons After Opening Mouth to Informant

Comrades at Denver's leader in news on the insurrection, 'Til it Breaks, report from the Denver Post:

(TIB preamble, SnitchWire couldn't agree more): While we have strong opinions about the events surrounding the April 30th arson and the ALF operative’s claiming of it, we are going to refrain from commentary on questions of ideology and tactical decisions. Suffice to say, we hope the informant gets what’s coming to them, and may the fires of revolt burn ever more fiercely.

The following is from the Denver fucking Post:

Federal investigators have arrested a 34-year-old Utah man in connection with the April 30 fire that destroyed the Sheepskin Factory in Glendale.

Walter Edmund Bond was taken into custody Thursday in Denver after allegedly telling an informant that he started the Glendale fire and two fires in Utah because they were businesses that “profited from animals.”

At the time of his arrest by FBI and ATF agents, Bond was carrying a backpack, according to an affidavit by Rennie Mora, a special agent for the ATF.

Agents searched the backpack and found literature titled, “The Declaration of War – Killing People to Save the animals and the Environment – Strike a Match Light a Fuse We’ve Only Have the Earth to Lose.”

According to an affidavit, Bond is a member of the Animal Liberation Movement who went by the name “Lone Wolf.”

The Sheepskin Factory sold a variety of sheepskin products including but not limited to seat covers, shoes, rugs, and blankets. The fire destroyed the building and its contents resulting in approximately $500,000 in damage.

The informant told federal investigators that in early July, Bond contacted the informant by phone and that he admitted he had started the Sheepskin Factory fire, directing the informant to the website of the Animal Liberation Movement.


  1. a mentally ill man who tattoos his face and who carries liturature about the importance of killing humans deserves to remain behind bars