Monday, January 17, 2011

Another UK Snitch - Mark "Marco" Jacobs

from UK Indymedia:

A third undercover police officer has today been revealed by the Guardian. Mark Jacobs, known as 'Marco', operated in Cardiff for four years, infiltrating the Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN) and other groups including international anti-globalisation networks, No Borders, and the early Climate Camps.

His former girlfriend is reported as saying "I was doing nothing wrong, I was not breaking the law at all. So for him to come along and lie to us and get that deep into our lives was a colossal, colossal betrayal."

Other activists have claimed that as well as disrupting activities and gathering information, he created and nurtured disagreement and division within the group, turning members of the group against each other.


  1. Statement on the infiltration by Mark ‘Marco’ Jacobs, from Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN):

  2. Most cop infiltrators will comment how easy it is to not only get into groups, since they are open but how easy it is to become the leaders and seduce women.

    Its a pretty easy gig for them. No one is really violent, just activist "codewords" for "maybe violent" or "we will not object if someone sets a rubbish bin alight" such as Diversity of Tactics. Real terrorists debate the merits of decapitating people on YouTube and their idea of fun is searching for a radical mosque to attend on a Friday night, so of course the cops are going to want to get the sweet, safe activist infiltration gig. One cannot get paid to have hot Cop-On-Vegan sex after Spokes if everyone's beard touches the prayer rug at the same time.

    Perhaps a policy of checking the polyamorous newcomer whose work ethic is inspiring is in order? Its easy enough to do, often just with questions. Anyone who is really cool about it would not take offense.

    ---The Anarchist Who Often Does Not Sort His Recycling Because He Finds It a Bit Degrading To Finger His Rubbish For Aluminium.