Monday, April 11, 2011

Lead ELF Informant Jake Ferguson Arrested on Drug Charges

From Green is the New Red:  The government’s roundup of environmental activists in “Operation Backfire” was only possible because the lead arsonist, Jacob Ferguson, had agreed to wear a wire, travel the country, and prod his friends into talking about the crimes with the Earth Liberation Front.

The government has repeatedly called Ferguson a “hero.” U.S. Attorney Kirk Engdall has said he was “essential” to the largest investigation of the radical environmental movement in U.S. history.

In exchange for doing the government’s work for them, Ferguson, who was involved in about 18 arsons, was sentenced to no jail time and five years probation. In other words, the most prolific arsonist in the history of so-called “eco-terrorism” got a free pass.

But Ferguson was arrested on April 6, 2011, on drug charges and now faces prison time for violating these conditions. Today will be his first probation violation hearing at the Eugene federal courthouse.

I think this is worth highlighting for a few reasons. Ferguson’s drug history is not new information. In fact, the government used this against him in order to pressure him to become an informant. The FBI was well-aware of his personal history, but chose to ignore this because it was the only lead they had in arresting members of the ELF.

This is yet another example of how far the FBI has been willing to go, and the shady deals that agents are willing to make, in order to secure a victory in the “War on Terrorism.”


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  2. Thursday July 15th 2011 Jake Ferguson was sentenced to 5 years in prison for Heroin/Cocaine possession-manufacturing & child endangerment. He also had a parole violation sentence that is 27 months to be served concurrently with the drug charge. He will be transferred to one of the many Adult correction facilities here in Oregon. His girlfriend is facing the same drug charges and will probably not do time as it is her first offense. I hope that her daughters' father(not Jake) will stand up and take care of her as she is innocent of all this and will suffer the most.

  3. he will suffer in jail, they do not like snitches.

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  5. The movie about Ferguson and ELF which has received some level of popularity does not touch on any drug use/issue with Jacob (Jake) Ferguson. It also ends in leaving the viewer thinking that he accepted a plea bargain which required him to go to jail directly which he never did in 2007, nor did it mention him assisting the Feds incriminating other ELF members. Sadly, the movie now has lost it's credibility because of this.