Thursday, June 16, 2011

Briana Waters is a Snitch

It is very saddening to learn that Briana Waters, former non-cooperating ELF prisoner, decided to take a cooperating plea deal in the prosecution of two 2001 ELF acts of arson. She had been released earlier this year after a mistrial and is expected to testify against former boyfriend Justin Solondz, who was captured as a fugitive in China. Solondz is presently imprisoned there on drug charges, but, thanks to snitches, is expected to be extradited on release to face charges for his alleged ELF activity.

Briana will knowingly provide the state information on ELF activity and contribute to the same kind of imprisonment she was subject to as a non-cooperating defendant. This makes her a snitch.

More on War On Society:

Her decision comes at a time when anarchists and radical environmentalists across the country and somewhat internationally have shown widespread support and solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid this past June 11th. Marie Mason and Eric McDavid are both serving 20 plus year sentences. In the wake of Briana Waters decision it is important to remember that there are others with true strength and convictions in their ideas. Let us remember those who continue the struggle inside prison and never flip on their friends or comrades.

Total freedom for NON-COOPERATING Green Scare prisoners!
Solidarity with Sadie, Justin, Marie, Eric, Exile, Grant, Michael, Daniel, Scott, and non-cooperating ALF and anarchist prisoners!
Strength to those still free and on the run!
As heartbreaking as it is to see Briana turn, it is important to remember that Briana is somebody's mother, and she likely did this to stay out of jail to continue to parent her daughter. She was well supported by social movements, and many people will be angry and betrayed by her decision. They are completely correct in that anger, should not blame themselves, and it should be noted that Briana was thinking about herself, her future, and her family. She is selfish and couldn't handle the sacrifices so many others have endured.

Once again, the state wins with the same tactics. Many of these cases required informants and cooperating defendants, and the accused likely could've beat the charges due to lack of evidence.

Nobody talks, everybody walks.

Fuck that snitch Briana Waters.


  1. yeah, she's a mother. but she was also sentenced to 6 years, and with good time would have done 4 - 4 & 1/2 years. while this sucks, it is more than doable-- in fact mothers like marie mason are doing 22 YEARS.

    fact is, she gambled with the mistrial, and when it appeared to not work out, she threw people under the bus. people who make the excuse that "she's a mother" need to fucking check themselves, because everyone has extenuating circumstances about why THEY shouldn't go to prison. justin solondz's life is not a bargaining chip and helping the state lock people away means you're a fucking enemy, even if you're a fucking cute, white, violin-teaching, volvo-driving *mother.*

    fuck briana waters.

  2. Yes prison fucking sucks and is a horrible bullshit place but snitching is about 100 times worse. You go to prison without any snitching or cooperating you gain friends and support, you snitch and everyone hates you.
    That being said fuck you Briana Waters and fuck your stupid notions of breeding and using your little breedlings as an excuse to snitch. You can have sex without breeding! Just get a vasectomy for your "man" or you can always get a tubal litigation or do both just in case. You have kids you are fucking up the planet!

    Why don't we ever deal with snitches like they do in Iraq the good 'ole public style hanging.

    Thank you to all of our POW/MIA, you are not forgotten and your sacrifices for the animals and the planet shall never be forgotten.

  3. Leftists never do anything violent. Nor should we because we would totally suck at it. (and possibly morals...blah blah blah)

    One thing I have found (and I have demonstrated a proof of concept that I cannot go into here) is that no employers want to hire a snitch. Why? Simply because there are so many laws, rules and regulations out there that everyone violates something at some time. Even if they do not there is always the chance they want to avoid trouble. If a qualified white male and a qualified black interview for a position and the white dude gets the job because they simply thought he was better for the position, it might be a pain in the ass later to know that maybe a snitch might report it as discrimination. Or charities in the US have very strict compliance laws for not dealing with terrorist or criminal elements. If you work for a place like Feed The Children (or many others) that deal with dodgy third world connections you do not want to be audited even if you complied with everything. A snitch is more likely to be trouble than an asset (or so we should point out).

    The thing to do instead of public hanging is to do research and publicise it. This actually involves work such as using google, Zabasearch, facebook, linkedn and digging through public records to find friends, family and what not. It involves cold calling and social engineering. Getting someone to say "I heard of that somewhere" when you were the one who planted the idea means the snitch is screwed.

    The threat of violence can and will bring in the government's assistance. Something more subtle will destroy the life of a snitch and make them seem paranoid.

  4. If any of you think that Justin wouldn't "snitch" on everyone, it's only because you don't know him. He is, quite possibly, the most immoral douchebag I've ever met and I have never doubted his involvement in this. Briana likely saved herself from him turning on her, but I guess that would be okay because Justin's been "serving the cause," by selling drugs in China. GET A FUCKING LIFE AND GET A CLUE!!

  5. A he'll of a lot of fucking going on around this sweet innocent anarchist forumn. Anyone who does a crime and escapes the penalty process cpuld thank their Goddessesand should make offerings to Saints. You are damn lucky, damn it! Having shoved the judgement in your face like you are shoving judgement of Briana in mine, I have this to say. What do you expect of anarchists. She is responsible for herself and her family. Sure, married with childrenis a sorry reason to plead, "not me!", but fuck this shit! Do you really think her life is less valuable than yours or anyone's. Where the he'll is solidarity? three people call her a bitch. Well I am a rabbit and want nothing of the female kind for many reasons, but I don't call 'em "bitches". The people writing here, myself hopefully excluded have no reason to call themselves anarchists. call yourself a bunch of petty juvenile delinquents who all would turn on each other. a fine line between name calling and "she did it, not me!". I say grow up and learn the truth! real anarchist fight with wisdom. shoving needles into the machines is well and good when it is not meant to harm individuals and is done insolidarity. I love the earth and trees. I too watch them die. But, only solidarity will do anything to help, not infighting and bickering. Spray paint BRIANA IS A SNITch all over your town. who cares. who of you has been to jail? perhaps there aretrue sisters in jail who would love Briana and would have reassured her of the solidarity. Do you really think everyone in jail is going to pounce on her for giving up her partner? Perhaps as the last writer said, the fellow is far from perfect himself. Time that we start working together. Collapse is eminent and then how will you save the fuckin' earth. I think you will be the first to burn the mother to keep yourself warm. How's that for judgement. come on. I vein Taos. Come tell me your crybaby stories. next time stand with her outside and inside the court to give her the strength she needed to overcome this inquisition, not just by Aunt and Uncle Sam, but by those inthis group slammin' her for no reason. Go spray paint Macy's window. Tell 'em I told you to do it. Give my ISP number. I am your co conspirator. Blame me! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and WTF were you thinking?

  6. PS AM I THE ONLY ONE NOT AFRAID TO POST WITH A TRACKABLE ID? SORRY FOR THE MIS SPELLINGS? BLAME ME OR APPLE OR BOTH OF US! I suggested that if you want to commit your petty crimes without careful deliberation and fore thought, you deserve what you get. I also suggested you spraypainting Macy's window and blame me for ordering you to do so. I actually believe someone would attempt to get off the hook by blaming some guy on the Internet. go ahead. make my day!

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  8. Hope every fucking one of you pathetic little anarchists ends up in a steel cage for the rest of your lives.

  9. BTW - It seems a little ironic that there's a link to the (now defunct) 'Support Briana Waters' website on the same page as an article titled, 'Briana Waters is a Snitch'.

    Just saying...

  10. I wonder how many of you insulting pigfuckers paid her legal bills?

  11. Trent Nail Carthage Texas informant/Narc/Pedophile/predator/Meth User/Addict/
    Smokes meth everyday he is up out of bed but if he runs out he's running his mouth to his police friends letting them know each person he has ever used or bought from along with his alleged girlfriend from cps. Elizabeth lovill cps investigator who also is a corrupt manipulator who kidnaps children from their parents upon his requests without warrant AMD maniuplates families to believe they have no rights to fight for their rights as parents with no eveidence to prove the allegations. The two vigilate corruptors
    Call CPS on families with false accusations and sit back to watch as the lives of those family members be humiliated and crushed at his fingertips with this sick game.
    He is a thief that has immunity from all charges due to his snitchtactics and heartless actions towards anyone for not giving him what he wants. He laughs at the victims that suffer from his wrong doings Brags about his actions and cries when his elderly grandmother denys him money for him to buy his drugs And throws a fit when the elderly woman tells him to shut his mouth about everyone he victimised disgusted with his every move and terrified to kick him out of her house. sick perverted piece of shit and a wasted breath of air.

  12. Micah Lewis is a fucking rat who has worked Boulder County and Guilford County Police Department numerous occasions in his own newspaper worth and discoveries

  13. Micah Lewis is a fucking rat who has worked Boulder County and Guilford County Police Department numerous occasions in his own newspaper worth and discoveries

  14. Micah Lewis is a fucking rat who has worked Boulder County and Gilpin, ColoCounty Police Department numerous occasions in his own newspaper worth and discoveries