Thursday, February 19, 2009

RNC Snitch Piece of Shit Facing Criminal Charges

Andrew Darst, AKA Andy Panda etc, is facing criminal charges after he broke down a door and knocked a man over while his wife was getting hammered at some house on County Road in Minnesota January 11th. His mugshot was not published by authorities, as they are fearing these charges may harm his credibility in court once the RNC 8 go to trial (speculation puts the earliest date for trial in September). but SnithWire has plenty of pictures of Andrew Darst. His charges are felonies, so this waste of space is going to get to feel the full force of the State; just like those he ratted on are. This very obviously fucks things up for prosecutors and hopefully bolsters the case of the RNC 8. Much information and pictures have been published of Andrew Darst, and it is apparent that he is currently in the Minnesota/Twin Cities area. Keep an eye out, stay safe, and show snitches where they deserve to be (in the gutter).


  1. Brandon Walter Niemi is also a Duluth Minnesota Twin Ports Snitch dont get tied up with this guy