Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brandon Darby/Andy Darst Mega Post

A care package from the RNC '08 Report hit my inbox this week containing a whole archive of information on Brandon Darby and Andy Darst, two FBI rat swine fucks snitching out activists at last year's Republican National Convention. Included was a new photograph of Darby, and three photos of Andy Darst (AKA "Panda," "Warchyld"), as well as a terrific news aggregation for both cases (Darby's and Darst's). Definitely goes without saying that these are some fantastic resources.

Twin Cities Indymedia (who also linked to SnitchWire's report of Darby participating in repression against the Angola 3) is providing coverage on David McKay's trial this week. McKay is facing felony charges after Darby ratted the activist out to the FBI during the RNC. Darby and Darst are both testifying at the trial, and may or may not be in the Twin Cities area at this time. It has been revealed the both Darby and Darst were paid up to $12,000 for their informant activities by the FBI.

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