Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Photos and a Link To Angola Prison Repression From Brandon Darby

The Gambit in New Orleans featured a story about recently-outed FBI snitch Brandon Darby's exploits as an informant. Two new photos, posted here at SnitchWire for posterity, were published as well as new information pertaining to the rat's past activities. This includes Darby possibly ratting on Common Ground Relief members and betraying long-time activist and close friend Scott Crow and providing cooperation with the repression of Herman Wallace and the Angola 3.

"For a number of years, Crow was on the approved visiting list for Herman Wallace, who, along with two other prisoners, was accused in the 1972 stabbing of an Angola guard. Wallace was convicted and has spent three decades in solitary confinement. In September 2006, Crow received a letter from the prison saying his name had been removed from the approved visitors list because of information from an outside law enforcement agency.

  Nick Trenticosta, Wallace's attorney, says there was a hearing that month about Wallace's incarceration, and due to security concerns, a judge decided to hold the hearing in the prison instead of a Baton Rouge courthouse. Prior to the hearing, Trenticosta says, he was shown a document stating the FBI provided information of potential trouble at the hearing. The reason given was that Crow had recently purchased a rifle. When the hearing was held, supporters weren't allowed in and SWAT teams were posted outside, something Trenticosta believes is directly related to Darby's informing: "There's not a chance that the ATF (U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) would have flagged Scott Crow buying a rifle," Trenticosta says. "Somebody had to do that.""

Crow (Left), Darby (Right)

Any information about Brandon Darby can be sent to SnitchWire@Gmail.com and you may remain anonymous.


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