Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mistrial For David McKay

A hung jury delayed the possibility of ten years in prison for David McKay, half of the "Texas 2" ensnared by paid FBI informants for activities surrounding the disruption of 2008's Republican National Convention. Incarcerated since September after FBI agents seized eight Molotov cocktails from a Twin Cities apartment where the Texas 2 were staying, "McKay can be released on $25K bail or $2.5K security bond, return to Midland TX with these conditions: no arrests, no crimes, reside at father's home, don't threaten Darby or other witnesses, surrender passport, not to leave Texas except to come back to Minnesota, and submit to drug testing. Judge sets new trial for March 16th 9:30AM." (From Twin Cities Indymedia)

This is great news for McKay and his family. McKay's lawyer used a superb defense portraying self-righteous snitch piece of garbage Brandon Darby as an instigating, entrapping money hungry pile of shit not worthy of believing a single word from, and I think it might have worked. McKay's next trial, scheduled in March, hopefully acquits him from the crime of talking shit.

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