Thursday, February 5, 2009

Outing the Pigs in the Twin Cities

Six new Sheriff's Deputies were sworn in up in the Twin Cities this week, two of them noted for being undercover informants during the RNC. Ultimate incompetent scumsucker and Head Pig in Charge Bob Fletcher was in attendance, awarding the promotions for their "outstanding work in infiltrating the 'Criminal Anarchist Enterprise[sic]'" as were some local activists eager for free cake and photo ops of the newly anointed State-sponsored gang members.

The beautiful Deputy Rachel Nieting, former RNC Welcoming Committee informant and noted by Twin Cities Indymedia as a contender for spray-tan model of the year. Rachel sat through "countless meetings" and even dumpster dove for food with activists to weasel that sweet ass into the organization while feeding information to her pimps at HQ. Maybe Mel Gibson can speed through her district one of these days and deliver her some sugar-related compliments.

Then we have the dapper Chris Dugger, a real rising star. Chris started his law enforcement career as nothing more than a festering twat of a rat collecting a check from his daddies in the police department. After ratting on freedom fighters and revolutionaries at the RNC, even after being suspected of being a pig and attempting to turn the suspecting tables on other activists, this smug, egg-headed fuck decided to further his career in fascism by joining the prison-industrial complex as a guard while taking measures to become deputized. Enjoy your male-patterned baldness, douchebag, you're an inspiration to everyone else with a domestic abuse record.

I wouldn't want to forget the Friar of the St. Paulice! Jay Maher, noted for his activities as a photographer/stalker essentially amounts to what Chris Dugger gets to look forward to in his follicle future. This spy spent hours in his car with the windows rolled up, saturating himself in the smell of his own gasses and musk while taking pictures of just about everyone at the RNC. They call him the Ramsey County Investigator, but here at SnitchWire we prefer to call him "Dr. Phil." This fat mess likely looked at his new meat lovingly, excited that his new talent is ruthless and ugly, just like a police department should be.

Remember, if you see these folks at a dinner party, throw rotten, uncooked bacon in their face and tell them you hope they die trapped in a structure fire and that SnitchWire is fucking watching them.


  1. Hey-
    thanks so much for posting this info. I still can't quite get over my anger at being betrayed by people I thought I could trust. However, one request - despite our mutual dislike for Nieting, it would be better to keep the sexist comments out of the post - we should deride her for her slimy character, not for her gender. Right?

  2. Wes,

    While I do agree that sexism is a horrible thing, I believe that a Pig doesn't have a gender. Once you hide behind a badge for a living, serving the State as nothing more than a mindless drone collecting a check, you're nothing more than a disgusting disease. She doesn't deserve the respect I would normally give to any other woman, but I do understand where you're coming from completely. The police department used her like a whore and she was glad to do it. Scum like that gets the worst I can type up.

    Thank you for reading, stay safe and keep your eyes open.


  4. you are idiots, at least they have a JOB

  5. If Jay Maher "spy" spent hours in his car with the windows rolled up, saturating himself in the smell of his own gasses and musk while taking pictures of just about everyone at the RNC... Then he must have smelled like an Anarchist! We'll have to ask him if he pissed on himself too.... Hell maybe if this is the case, he should have been undercover in the RNC Welcoming Committee who let us down and put us next to the police.. Thanks againg you 8 assholes!

  6. I agree with Wes. You're performing a good service with this site. Why ruin it with sexism? The thing about sexism and other oppressions is that when they are directed at one individual (no matter how unlikeable that individual may be) the impact is absorbed by all in the oppressed group. So no matter how much I hate pigs, male or female, a sister will feel it when you call a female pig a whore or otherwise sexually objectify her.

  7. The female was the babbysitter for sheriff fletcher. The other deputy has a criminal past, with ties to local thugs in west St Paul. Maher has a slopping forehead, which in most often a feature of a serial killer. Three goofs.....

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