Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad News All Around

We're a little late on this but it should still be mentioned. David McKay and Bradley Crowder were sentenced last month. They were held on felony charges stemming from self-righteous snitch Brandon Darby's coercion and entrapment of the two over Molotov cocktail possession. Darby is still at large. McKay is facing four years in prison, while Crowder is facing two. McKay's first trial ended in a hung jury, and he took a plea bargain in the second trial so Crowder wouldn't be forced to testify. Read the press release from support group CRASS for a little more insight to the trial and sentencing, as well as further background information on Darby. Someone should find which island that smug fuck is relaxing on.

In similar news, and also noted in the press release, other notable RNC snitch Andrew Darst also had a little court date not too long ago stemming from assault charges. The Star Tribune thinks he got off easy:

Daly said it also was unusual that the prosecutor did not show up and predicted that if Darst testifies at the anarchists' trial, defense attorneys will cite the light sentence and the failure of the prosecutor to appear as indicators that authorities went easy on him in return for favorable testimony.

The prosecutor didn't even show up? For somebody that kicked a door down and fought two of the house's occupants shortly after Taco Bell closed, I think there was a bit of a back-door deal here, too. 16 days of physical labor? A $900 fine? 4 days in jail? The RNC8's activities were less violent than assaulting innocent people in their own houses, and they're still facing decades in prison collectively. If anyone in St. Paul sees this clown on the side of the road in a orange vest, spit on him.

On a lighter note, SnitchWire will be working pretty extensively all summer leading up to G20 on assisting radicals from across the country to identify informants within anti-authoritarian movements. In that case, it would be kind of cool to make the site a little bit more spiffy and user-friendly. If some awesome graphic design ninjas, blogger layout geniuses, or any other kind of web guru thinks they could help us out, it would be very appreciated! Please drop us a line at snitchwire [at] gmail [dot] com. If we have to do it ourselves... God help us all.

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