Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Open Invitation to Those Resisting the G20

SnitchWire is typically used as a clearinghouse for above-ground or independent news sources regarding police infiltration activity, snitches, and agent provocateurs. This is all well and good, considering it gives people the opportunity to research into the methodology and tactics as well as delve into contemporary cases and possibly launch support for incarcerated comrades or victims of a money-motivated informant's frame; but this is not what SnitchWire was intended to be when it was put up.

SnitchWire's primary function was meant to be a blog where anyone with a reason to be concerned about security culture could learn the names, faces, and regional locations of rats. Basically, a gallery of people not worth talking to or organizing with because of their nefarious relationship with the State. This is the only kind of blacklist worth keeping, and with good reason. SnitchWire is supposed to be a conduit transmitting crucial, verified information in an open, public format about such kinds of characters to parties who could be potentially hurt by their actions.

This project was started as a reaction to the Green Scare cases, the RNC8 (+2), Brandon fucking Darby and countless other cases in which government sponsored informants ratted out activists, anarchists, and revolutionaries. This project aspires for autonomy, and a world where neighbors and communities are strong enough and tight enough to live without the need to tattle on each other, because ideally there is nobody to tattle on. People are getting locked up for a long time to make that kind of shit possible, and most of them could have got away if it weren't for loose lips or somebody who hung around that "everyone thought was totally sketchy but we didn't want to like, be jerks."

With the G20 coming up in Pittsburgh, all sorts of protest cliques are heating up and getting down and dirty with some motherfucking logistics and organizing. Also, the Crimethinc Convergence is in Pittsburgh next month, allowing a fantastic networking opportunity the State has used before to infiltrate anarchist groups. SnitchWire wants to find out who these people are and tell the goddamn world before they implicate good people into a bullshit conspiracy. SnitchWire is encouraging affinity groups, regional federations, concerned individuals, and those pesky counter-snitches from all different political or organizational backgrounds to send any information on possible informant activity. Our only request is that the information or accusations are not unfounded. Here are some guidelines if you think you have a snitch in your midst:
  • Don't start pointing fingers! You don't know shit yet. No need to unnecessarily alienate others with paranoid, baseless accusations.
  • Consult with other members of your group or organization. If they are harboring similar feelings, investigate further into the matter discreetly. If there are other people that can corroborate your accusation, please encourage them to drop us a line as well should we investigate your case further. Should it become apparent that the accused is guilty of cooperating with the State and selling out people they are supposed to be a friend to, ask them to cease interacting with the group.
  • Gather your evidence, write up a short report, attach whatever sort of media you can provide, and send it to us at snitchwire (at) gmail (dot) com. Please provide the names, preferred genders, and all other information that is pertinent to identifying the rat. SnitchWire's purpose is to make sure nobody is ever fooled by the same person twice, and that the State has very little time before their moles are rooted out.
We are in the business of naming names. We won't drag anyone's name through the mud unless we are 100% positive that they deserve it. Exposing the State's pawns is important to making sure communities in resistance can communicate freely and organize without being afraid of trumped up ramifications. Please assist SnitchWire to inform people all over the world of the people that cannot be trusted by sending tips to us. We will respond within 48 hours, and you're more than welcome to remain anonymous.

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