Friday, July 31, 2009

Great Posters for Snitch John Towery

These come from, and they were kind enough to list SnitchWire at the bottom of their excellent flier (.PDF). This story is getting a lot of coverage, and SnitchWire is proud to have come out a resource and seen the links being passed around. In the last few days, SnitchWire has seen traffic multiply exponentially. This blog is a tool for anyone looking to avoid people like John Towery, and one of the easiest ways people in communities in resistance against the State and their surrounding apparatuses of authority can combat infiltration is by having these people outed publically.

By practicing good security culture, snitches are irrelevant. The State can continue to fund their infiltrations but they'll never see any results. We will continue to extend our hands out to anti-authoritarian/autonomous/anarchist groups in support and encourage anyone with information on snitches, provocatuers, and infiltrators to send it our way by emailing us at snitchwire [at] gmail [dot] com. As always, we would encourage those with the means to encrypt their communications by using our PGP key.

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