Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hal Turner is was the FBI's Pet

Douchebag white supremacist internet radio dickhead Hal Turner, who is currently being prosecuted for threatening three judges over results concerning the Chicago gun ban, worked as an informant for the FBI. His lawyer revealed this in a presumed attempt to redeem Turner during a bond hearing; even claiming that Turner had given them information concerning a plot to assassinate US President Barack Obama.

The judge, obviously not a fan of men who threaten judges, ordered he be held at least until a continuation hearing August 10th. The FBI admitted ties with Turner, but didn't acknowledge him with thwarting any sort of attempt on the life of capitalism's newest figurehead.

  • Fuck Hal Turner for being a white supremacist Nazi asshole
  • Fuck Hal Turner for working with the FBI
  • Fuck Hal Turner in his urethra with a sharp rusty soda can
It isn't clear whether or not he did any damage to the bonehead/neo-Nazi "communities" in his work as an informant with the FBI (which SnitchWire could get behind because, anti-snitching ethos aside, fuck Nazis; they can rot), but if he really did feed information to the FBI about a possible assassination attempt (which is probably bullshit) this idiot must have had connections with some meth-crazy racists or friends with Glenn Beck.

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