Monday, July 27, 2009

HUGE Fusion Center Leak, 1500+ Pages of Documentation

SnitchWire loves WikiLeaks!

This confidential 1525 page scanned file (61Mb, PDF) is notable for its comprehensive insight into the revolving door world of public-private intelligence in the United States. It includes pricing, proposals, contracts, background checks, courses, certificates, and resumes of past intelligence work by the tender applicants, including detainee interrogation and deployments throughout the world.

The document details a tendering process for private sector deployment of intelligence functions inside the Washington Joint Analytical Center (WAJAC) on behalf of the Washington State Patrol (WSP).

What an amazing find. We'll be reading through this in its entirety, scanning for individuals to post up on here for future reference. This should be a great look into how a Fusion Center works, and because the government has used cell agents to target activists, this is great information.

UPDATE: We'd like to say hello to the Department of Homeland Security and thank you for visiting SnitchWire and reading several articles today. We noticed that your fondness for bloated, ineffective systems translates to your computing tastes as you were using IE 7 and XP. So greetings,, we hope you're a disgruntled employee.

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