Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PMR Statement Concerning Government Agent John Jacob Towery III

The following was posted by Brendan Maslauskas Dunn from Port Militarization Resistance and the SDS on Portland Indymedia and circulated on infoshop News:

"John Jacob" was an activist well liked by many in Tacoma and Olympia, WA. He was active in the anti-war and anarchist communities in both towns. He did extensive work with the group Port Militarization Resistance (PMR) which blocks military shipments to and from Iraq and Afghanistan through Northwest ports. He went to numerous Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) events and actions, was interested in starting a chapter or Movement for a Democratic Society, worked closely with Iraq Veterans Against the War, but spent most of his time with anarchists. Aside from attending meetings, events and actions organized by activists, he spent much personal and leisure time with other anarchists in the area.

But some recent records requests done through the City of Olympia, asking the City for any information on anarchists/anarchism/anarchy, SDS and the radical union Industrial Workers of the World, surfaced an email from a John J Towery II from Fort Lewis Force Protection with a daily force protection update for Fort Lewis. Interested in this email and the name attached to it, several activists did some research that eventually confirmed the identity of "John Jacob" as John J Towery II.

Two anarchists met with John Towery after this information was confirmed. By his own admission, John Towery spent the past two years spying on anarchists, Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans, SDSers and anti-war activists in Tacoma, Olympia and the Pacific Northwest. He admitted that he reported to an intelligence network that included county sheriffs from Pierce, Thurston and other WA counties, municipal police agencies from Tacoma, Olympia, Seattle and elsewhere, WA State Police, the US Army, FBI, Homeland Security, Joint Terrorism Task Force, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency among other agencies.

John Towery further admitted he passed information on to the above listed network of authorities about the activities of anarchists and PMR activists. He admitted that the Tacoma Police placed a hidden camera on a utility pole across the street from the anarchist social space Pitchpipe Infoshop for surveillance purposes. John Towery mentioned that the Olympia and Tacoma police were both planning on raiding the Pitchpipe Infoshop and an activist house in Olympia and he claimed that they had repeatedly approached him for any information that would give them a green light to raid the houses. He also claimed to have knowledge of other informants that were sent to spy on Port Militarization Resistance and anarchists in Olympia, but refused to reveal their identities.

In his role as an administrator of the PMR listserve, John Towery had the email addresses of all subscribers, and the names of most persons involved with the organization. He had an intimate knowledge of how organizations in the activist community operated, how and when actions were planned and the beliefs, politics and personal matters of many activists.

The records requests that leaked out John Towery's name also leaked out information that Thomas Glapion from the 305th SFS/S2 based out of McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey was investigating activities of SDS, PMR and "other left wing anti war groups". Other agencies involved with intelligence gathering and surveillance of Olympia SDS in particular and Olympia activists in general include the Coast Guard (where there is an informant spying on activists according to one record) and US Capitol Police.

Attorney Larry Hildes of the National Lawyers Guild has made numerous attempts to get information from the military and federal agencies for court cases and civil suits connected to the port protests, only to run into the repeated refusal of Brian Kipnis from the US Attorney's Office in Seattle to give this information to Hildes and other defense attorneys. Kipnis explicitly told the US Army not to give information to Hildes and others. Kipnis is also the same lawyer that prosecuted Lt. Ehren Watada and was involved with a number of Guantanamo cases. This information is perhaps the beginning of a larger network of surveillance across the nation.

Press contacts:

Brendan Maslauskas Dunn
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Port Militarization Resistance
(360) 878-1879

Drew Hendricks
PMR Intelligence Network for Observers
(360) 870-3127


SnitchWire would accordingly recommend that interested parties take similar action and request records from their cities to perhaps gain similar results. Clearly, Towery isn't too much of a "patriot" if he squealed out basically law enforcement's entire alleged confrontational plan to deal with Olympia and Tacoma scenes. These people don't do it because they want to do their part in the war on terror, they do it for the money and for the ease of the job. Playing dress up and reporting to a supervisor is the easiest fucking job ever. Exposing them and making their identities public neutralizes their threat to communities in resistance.


  1. hey there -

    please stick some alt text under the image so that google image will index this slimeballs' face.

    in solidarity,

  2. Great job John, I am glad that there is one patriotic american working to keep us safe at night. So how many strykers did these weenies supposedly stop? Last I read they all made it to the fight. Good job PMR.

  3. Fuck patriotism, for one.

    But because you sound like an ignorant "patriot" American, I would hope you would know that there is nothing patriotic about the violation of posse comitatus. This, and many other cases like it, are clear violations of the American constitutions and a total trampling on the freedoms the country was founded on.

    tl;dr you're easily scared by propaganda and also probably a dumb ass.

  4. Burn in Hell, John.
    America is great because we ALL have the right to express ourselves in words and deeds, from protesting the war to trying to stop it by whatever peaceful means we can. Civil disobedience is an American tradition, Domestic spying is the tradition of tyrants.
    I love my country, I cannot say the same about my government.