Saturday, July 11, 2009

Snitch Exposed in Charlie Lynch Case


As if the persecution prosecution of medical marijuana provider Charlie Lynch wasn't sufficiently sickening already, The New Times in San Luis Obispo has some stunning revelations about the involvement of a confidential informant who assisted police in the case.

Apparently, police employed a professional informant who obtained a doctor's recommendation and purchased marijuana at Lynch's dispensary. The guy is a world-class scumbag with a history of impersonating police officers and committing various crimes. His work in San Luis Obispo began when he personally approached police and offered to help generate drug arrests. Lynch's case was one of many, including another marijuana case in which one of the defendants ended up committing suicide.

While this guy probably wasn't a critical factor in making the Lynch case possible, his involvement adds another layer of moral depravity to the Lynch saga. Given that Charlie Lynch scrupulously followed state law, the only actual criminal involved in the case was the police informant!

As alarming and frequent as gratuitous drug war injustices are, they still somehow turn out to be even worse than we thought.


A commenter on the blog said he'd "like to see photos of this snitch widely circulated" and called it "a form of community self-defense." That's what SnitchWire is here for! Send in pictures and information to SnitchWire [at] gmail [dot] com!

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