Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cathie Butler Outed as Spy at Olympia City Council Meeting

Via Seattle Indymedia:

Short speech delivered at Olympia City Council Tuesday night. Cathie was there.

It's not every day that I get a chance to reveal the private identity of a police spy, so tonight it is with great relish that I speak to this council and the public at large.

The spy whose name I will shortly reveal worked against the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace for several years, relaying information from the posts on that list to the Olympia Police Department.
While we have no reason to believe that the Olympia Police could not have obtained most of this information by simply reading telephone pole flyers and other bulletin boards, it is also noted that the documents passed on included infighting emails and other dirty laundry which was clearly NOT intended for wider audiences.

We can only wonder what these emails meant to the supposed law enforcement agencies from whom we have obtained them, under the Washington State Open Meetings Act.
We also have no reason to believe that the spy I am about to name was alone, and have some reason to suspect that the emails sent to the OMJP listserv can be read by many aspects of the US Government's efforts to listen in on its supposed owners. This would include the NSA and DIA programs to monitor microwave communications links in the US, which carry almost all internet traffic at the network level, and it also includes the use of administrative letters by the FBI to look at emails for specific subscribers of interest to them.

In short, no listserv is ever expected to be secure against those who would attempt to use its content to organize against justice, and peace - as has clearly happened in the history of our own City.

The Communications Manager for the City of Olympia, Cathie Butler, knows exactly what I am referring to: She is the spy of whom I speak.
For years, Cathie has passed on specific emails she thought warranted notification of the Olympia Police Department, and those emails have in turn been passed on to other departments, some of which are out of county, out of state, and some of which are US Military Departments.

She is certainly not alone in her activities as a spy against the citizens of the United States and the City of Olympia.
The Evergreen State College also gets into the act, in the person of its chief, Ed Sorger. Chief Sorger relays TESC Crier emails of interest to various area law enforcement agencies, including OPD and TCSO. As with the private listserv operated by Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, there is little privacy expected at TESC's listserv - especially since it is owned and operated by the entity doing the listening, making wiretap warrants irrelevant.

The OMJP listserv is a little less public, however, and to join and remain on the list, Cathie needed to misrepresent herself and her intentions. It is for this reason that she has been digitally "retired" from her position on the OMJP email list, effective two weeks ago.
SnitchWire has obtained a photo of Cathie. We found it on Facebook under the account of someone who basically embodies the physical characteristics of a do-gooder Mom type in a neighborhood who is always confiscating fun ice cream man fireworks and making her own children miserable by not allowing them to ride bikes or play in the rain.

When we're right, we're right! SnitchWire says SHUN.

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