Thursday, August 20, 2009


  • A disgusting portrait of right-wing blogger, white supremacist and FBI informant Hal Turner is being featured in Wired Magazine's Threat Level this week; detailing how federal agencies trained him to straddle the line of the law while still inciting hateful violence. Turner was paid tens of thousands of dollars to "disseminate right-wing rhetoric" as an "agent provocateur."An interesting component to this case is that Turner was outed as working with the FBI by the Scientology-hating, /b/-dwelling Anonymous, who as very well many of you may know are Internet Superheroes.
  • Albert Gonzalez helped the Secret Service hunt down hackers as an informant, now he is being charged with the largest data breach in United States history. Prosecutors also believe he held the record before that as well, making this 28 year old rat one hell of a computer hacker. Albert came away with loot amounting to 130 million credit and debit card accounts.
  • Officials in St. Louis want to hold informants more accountable for the information they may or may not be giving to the police. The police, in return, could be fabricating evidence and violating civil rights. Naturally, the Pigs are trying to block legislation.

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