Monday, August 24, 2009

Woman Looking at 20 Years for Threatening Rat Brandon Darby

Katyanne Marie Kibby could be going to trial after being indicted in June for threatening the life of RNC snitch Brandon Darby. She is facing 20 years after allegedly sending a threatening email shortly after David Crowder took a plea deal last January. Kibby has until August 31st to reach a plea deal with federal prosecutors or else it goes to trial.

This whole case makes SnitchWire feel ill and the only solace is in that the stupid corporate media mentioned Darby still lives just outside Austin, Texas. Don't talk to Brandon Darby.

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  1. daaaaaaaaammmnn! this guy is like the midas of turds! don't even mention his name, you'll turn to shit! drop him like a hot poop! long live kibby!