Monday, September 14, 2009

Brandon Darby Hawking Right-Wing Columns for Breitbart Now

A reader alerted us to this, Brandon Darby's so-called "pulling back the curtain" on ACORN. We don't like ACORN much either, but he calls the men he set up during the RNC "domestic terrorists," runs to the defense of law enforcement and the feds "who could've been maimed by firebombs (*the ones he of course, encouraged others to make in order to make a buck off of their entrapment) in an attempt to frame ACORN as supportive of "domestic terrorism."

Still on his high horse, still going on and on about "his enlightenment" and still a fucking snitch piece of shit. Fuck Brandon Darby, his blatantly racist insinuations, and his further baiting of the radical community. Take a look at the comments to his article to see what kind of right-wing scum he's hiding behind now.


  1. I hate these ring wing nut snitches. DIE

  2. What a lowlife egg sucking pile of dog shit Darby is,
    it is subhumen assholes like him that give assholes a
    bad fucking name.My he rot in a large hole of stinking
    and foul excreement. fucking snitch
    P s fucking snitch