Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Teen Held at Gun Point, Pistol Whipped After Being Accused of Snitching

-In Shelby, North Carolina a 16 year old boy was held at gun point and pistol whipped after being accused of snitching by a 19 year old assailant.

-The American corporate media is running through the "snitch label is hurting communities omg the violence" gauntlet once again following violence in Chicago. None of these articles discussed community solutions to crime, nor addressed the sometimes disproportionate State responses either; instead simply concentrating on how the authorities need to step up their presence. Likely a push for iWatch and more fusion centers spying on citizens with impunity.

-The Canadian newspaper the National Post ran a story about the ineffectiveness and notorious unreliability of jailhouse snitches. It is an incredibly interesting read, especially when transcribing the situation into outside-prison experiences. Most informants are paid in some way, and the motivation for prison snitches and paid rats on the outside is exactly the same.

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