Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Daniel Lee Sightings!

For those who don't remember, Daniel Lee is a professional snitch credited with taking down the only compassionate care medical marijuana facility in San Louis Obisbo county and starting a horrible persecution of Charles Lynch and a colleague, who deemed himself too sick to go to jail and committed suicide instead. In an email forwarded to supporters and attorneys, an anecdote about Lee's stay Montana as part of a witness relocation program:

As of 12 days ago I had never heard of Charles Lynch. I learned of him when a tenant told me he was part of a witness relocation program and then listened as he continued to brag and describe what he did to put people in jail. It became extremely clear after 10 days of the character of Daniel Lee and it sickened me. He smoked pot, stole my prescription vicodin, and tried to have me arrested after he told me he would be moving because he claimed someone recognized him and he was with a witness relocation program with the D.A. of southern california. He even bragged about someone commiting suicide after he snitched on him to law enforcement.

I am writing to you because I would like to see someone as low as this Daniel Lee confronted. I am still in shock as to how quickly this tenant acted as one person and then suddenly showed me who he really is. When he called to be relocated , he claimed someone in Missoula Montana recognized him and his life was in danger, I believe he made this up and really just suddenly realized how cold montana gets and made the whole thing up so he could move some place new. At any rate he and his wife jamie left on Friday. I believe they didn't go far, Boise, Seattle or portland would be my guess.
Is there anything I can do to help with the manner in which mr. lynch was entrapped?

Its late and I'm probable babbling but i just wanted to tell someone about my encounter with the informant . I think he deserves to be confronted and stopped.

Please let me know if you recieve this email and if there is anything I can do to help expose Daniel Lee and his decietfulness.

To support Charlie, please file a complaint with SLO county District Attorney here and visit his website as well. Daniel Lee is a fucking basketcase pro rat that doesn't deserve anything from anybody.

Update 10/9/09: We have a photograph of the snitch's car and there has been an info site set up about him.

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