Friday, November 27, 2009

Feds Intimidating Folks in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz IMC is reporting that numerous people have had unannounced run-ins with the FBI at their workplaces and homes. The FBI have been asking about the AETA 4, a group of animal rights activists currently facing enormous repression and trumped up charges for masking up at a home demonstration.

The FBI has been making their rounds of intimidation in Santa Cruz recently.

We've just received reports that the FBI is showing up unannounced at people's workplaces and homes, asking questions about some or all of the AETA4, as well as other groups and movements of interest.

Know, that if you are visited by the FBI, that it is your absolute right to not speak to them. If they threaten you in any way, with charges, a subpoena or anything else, contact an attorney ASAP. When you are visited, it is vital to publicize it and let your community know ASAP.
To dispel any rumors circulating that these visits are connected to grand jury resistors Carrie Feldman and Scott Demuth cooperating with authorities, we would like to proclaim solidarity with Scott and Carrie and support their non-cooperation with the State. They are incredibly brave and anyone jumping to conclusions or engaging in bad jacketing is only doing the State's job for them and should quickly and quietly go fuck themselves.


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  2. Haven't heard any rumors and don't care to, but this is just to ditto total solidarity and confidence in Carrie & Scott.