Saturday, December 5, 2009

Police Infiltrate Olympic Resistance Network Bus

Police in Vancouver, likely still in their finest dress and polished shoes after fielding questions to the press over the detention of Democracy Now! journalist Amy Goodman at the US/Canada border last week admitted to infiltrating a bus full of anti-Olympic protesters during an October 30th action against the Nazi torch relay. The ORN has issued a statement condemning the repression and infiltration:
"This latest revelation of police infiltration and surveillance reinforces the notion of an Olympic police state that anti-Olympic activists have long been warning about. Infiltration tactics, in conjunction with ongoing harassment of activists and a $1 billion police, security and military budget including high-tech equipment like the LRAD sonic gun and close circuit TV cameras, have created a chilly climate for the right to protest and the protection of basic civil liberties.

"Our organization and our activities are public. With allies in Victoria we organized a successful and disruptive protest with over 400 people. While the police will increase their surveillance activities and their attempts to divide us, we are seeing increasing resistance across the country with additional protests planned against the Torch relay in Quebec and Ontario. We encourage more residents who are enraged and affected by the impact of the Games to get involved and to express their right to dissent against this five ring circus of oppression."
It seems that every day, resistance to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver grows stronger and with that, State repression follows and grows worse. Our solidarity to everyone resisting in Vancouver, stand strong, fight the pigs and see you in the streets against the games!

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