Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Snitch Emerges From the California Universities. Free Doug Gilbert!

Update: Doug is free on bail according to his support crew!

Update: SnitchWire would encourage readers to look over the comment Brennus left, which might clear a lot of things up. The alleged snitch has issued a statement regarding the matter in which he regrets even speaking with police officers and maintains that he is no snitch. As more details emerge we'll update with as much information as we can gather. Solidarity with the university occupations, all arrested students, workers and organizers!

We've been following the This is Our Emergency blog for news on the university revolts in California. There has been a 32% increase in tuition and students are marching and blockading streets in retaliation. This situations has been brewing for quite some time amongst radicalized students and organizers across the country, including New York City.

Unfortunately, some snitch motherfucker to be named and photographed here on this website later ratted out local Bay Area organizer Doug Gilbert for allegedly dropping some knowledge on an angry crowd of students about liberal student organizers fulfilling the same role as the police for not letting the students directly engage with the administration. Perhaps the bargaining chip of an occupation was at stake here as well, but Doug is sitting in the clink on $15,000 bail looking at two felonies for inciting a riot at UC Berkeley. Fuck that! Check back here soon for more information on the informant (rumors are circulating that it might be someone named Roland, and/or a white male organizer from the school) and ways to support Doug.

Infoshop News reports that Doug's arrest was equally heinous:

Doug Gilbert was targeted specifically because of his political views. Upon leaving the rally, police on bicycles followed him down Telegraph Avenue. Inside of a local restaurant, police violently confronted two comrades, before proceeding to the back of the establishment and arresting Doug while in the restroom. Berkeley CopWatch filmed the arrest. When they asked police what this comrade was being arrested for, the pigs responded “he can tell you later.”

A student activist was seen talking to police, specifically pointing out several individuals, including Doug. Further, CopWatch was told by bystanders that the cops said something along the lines of “there's that anarchist,” immediately before the arrest was made. This exemplifies two truths of the present social order: the liberal student movement is by nature a recuperative force, and seeks to further empower the state, rather than students & workers; and the police use fear tactics to demoralize and intimidate us. This arrest was not made to further justice; this arrest was not made because of any wrongdoing; this arrest was made purely for the sake of intimidating all of us.

Doug is charged with “Inciting to Riot” and a misdemeanor. Inciting to Riot alone carries up to a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail. He has had bail set at $15,000. These charges are completely ridiculous. No violence occurred at Berkeley today. No one rioted, no one got hurt, no property was destroyed. The charges, and the bail amount, are designed solely to intimidate us. Those interested in showing support and solidarity with Doug should come (with all their friends!) to:

Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse (Alameda County)
661 Washington St.
Oakland, CA
Department 112
Ask for Doug Gilbert's case
The time and date for Doug's arraignment is at 2:00 PM today, Thursday Nov. 19th


  1. The supposed snitch has issued a statement on the original post about this at:

    He offers a fairly convincing story of why he was talking to the police, and denies any sort of snitching or informing. He admits that even just talking to the cops was a mistake. Also, he came out in an effort to show support for Doug at his arraignment today.

    While the details are not all clear, it seems entirely plausible that this man is not any kind of snitch.

    That said: the liberal activist organizers involved as self-appointed "protest police" in an attempt to co-opt the rage of all present, even getting between cops and angry students & workers, holding the people back, and talking down (With megaphones) any initiative to escalate. The weight of the authors' article still holds.

  2. Local Bay Area police snitch Leonard Williams, 1132 Victory Lane, Concord, CA 94520. Involved in tormenting "targeted individuals" through organized stalking campaigns and electronic harassment.

  3. Trona California snitch Sara Rose Evans and David Searles get busted for possesion, battery, sexual assault. They do not get convicted but walk and the following week Trona Drug sweep by Sheriff and DEA. Over 20 arrested thanks to Sara and David Searles. Not to mention Cops turn the other cheek when these two are involved in any crime.