Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pittsburgh/DC Snitch Emerges: Chris Boette

SnitchWire is unhappy to report that former grand jury resistor Chris Boette has decided to cooperate with the State in an investigation against rebels who rioted at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh (Correction: The Jury had convened for WB/IMF protestes earlier this year, apologies for the mistake). Boette is a Pittsburgh resident, the picture to the left comes from a city university publication he was featured in. Infoshop News published a report from the support group that was assisting Boette detailing his cooperation:
  • Chris was informed that the grand jury was investigating conspiracy charges. The legal definition of conspiracy requires that there be a plan to commit a crime and then an act in furtherance of it.
  • Chris provided testimony to the grand jury and the United States Attorney assigned to prosecute the case.
  • Chris told the US Attorney who from Pittsburgh he traveled to DC with.
  • Chris told the US Attorney that he was staying at the mass housing offered by a church that houses several solidarity projects and has come under flack before for allegedly allowing "violent" protesters to stay there.
  • Chis Boette
  • Chris told the US Attorney how he traveled to a meeting, and told the US attorney that "redecoration" was talked about - which he said he understood to mean property destruction - and at which people decided how to meet up later.
  • The prosecutor asked what was at the alleged meeting. Chris replied that there was a map there. The US attorney asked what it was for. Chris said it was to determine where to go. Chris said he wasn't paying close attention to the places being mentioned because he didn't know DC. Chris said it was mostly DC people doing the talking.
  • Chris told DC support people who picked him up from jail that he would not be giving out names of people.
  • Chris identified people who were at the alleged meeting by at least their first names, including naming people who routinely deal with harassment and surveillance by DC and federal law enforcement agencies.
  • Chris identified cities where he saw people at the meeting in the months between the meeting and his testimony.
  • Chris told the prosecutor who he traveled with to the alleged action where the arrests took place.
  • Chris confirmed knowing people after being presented their photos.
  • Chris was asked "Do you know [a specific individual from Pittsburgh] from Pittsburgh?" and confirmed that he did.
  • Chris was informed multiple times of his right to confer with consul after every question, and had also discussed his ability to do so with several people in Pittsburgh in the months prior to his testimony. After his testimony, He later told DC support people that he "didn't know [he] could do that."
  • Chris stated to multiple people that he would not testify under any circumstance and never discussed, privately or publicly, the possibility that he might testify with any of the directly affected parties, with only one exception, to the best of our knowledge.
Chris Boette betrayed the community that supported him. Many of these things are things he really didn't need to disclose to the authorities, much less disclosing anything. Taking a note from Carrie and Scott, keeping your mouth shut is one of the most effective methods of combating the authorities. A community of support is necessary to make sure the people resisting the State's interrogation methods and the sham of a justice system are taken care of and encouraged to stand their ground. Boette's cracking is a disappointment and he deserves whatever isolation and abandonment from radical communities that comes to him.

Be careful, and don't talk to the State! Boette's cracking may lead to further investigation and further interrogation of activists. Tell those pigs to get the fuck off of your porch!


  1. Correction, the grand jury was investigating property damage prior to the IMF/WB meetings in DC last April.

  2. yes, that would be correct- the grand jury was in reference to property damage prior to the imf-wb, not the g20. please correct.

  3. you should also prolly correct the post title too.

  4. damn...this blog is dope. you're really providing a truly valuable service.
    its cool to see the different methods people devise to fight back

  5. hey this turncoat needs to have his address and phone number given out for informational purposes only!!!

  6. I don't understand why he didn't just keep his mouth shut and say nothing. Everyone would have gotten off free.

  7. this sitye should b illegal