Friday, January 22, 2010

Olympia PMR Suing Snitch Bastards and Their Handlers

Non-violent anti-war group Olympia Port Militarization Resistance filed a suit against Fort Lewis operatives, the City of Olympia, the Olympia Police Department, and several individuals including those covered here last summer John Towery and Cathie Butler just to name a few, the Olympian reports. PMR conducted its own investigation leading to these "allegations" after being harassed, assaulted and wrongfully arrested but the Army is looking into the matter themselves, acknowledging that Towery is a Fort Lewis employee but not much else. As an analyst for the US Army, Towery was violating the United State's government's Posse Comitatus Act which forbids active military personnel from performing acts of law enforcement.

A lawsuit like this, especially in wake of the FBI's admittance that they spied on everyone for years, should hit the feds right in the gut. SnitchWire is excited to see the damages claims, mostly to assess what kind of legal expropriation the resistance gets this week. Also on the table is what happened to the John Towery website, which was hacked and brought down more than a month ago and whether any of the accused operatives had anything to do with it.

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