Monday, February 8, 2010

More Goddamn Tech Problems

Update 3/20/10: Still without a box. Brutal. We have noticed however that someone(s) came in and deleted a whole fuckton of comments in the last couple of posts. That's interesting as hell but also raises some red flags. Anyone who knows what's up should definitely hit us up. For the record, currently we are unable to decrypt email. This sucks, but send us things unencrypted or else it is a super pain in the ass to read. Thank you we will be back soon.

Resolved, fucked up, resolved, fucked up, resolved, fucked up, resolved, total annihilation and digital nuclear winter. Hardware failures are preventing us from providing regular updates and currently we are coordinating funds to finally just get a new computer.

It really makes us saaaaaaaaad paaaandaaaas.

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