Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Radical Photographer Reports Being Followed in Santa Cruz

Bradley Stuart was taking photos of the aftermath left behind by a raucous May Day rampage from a contingent of anarchists in Santa Cruz. Check out the video below of the small, but ferocious Black Bloc making liberals uncomfortable and having each others backs in the street.

Anyway, Bradley reported that he was followed by another camera man, the identity of which is unclear. He reports: "This person, who I do not know, made more than one effort to photograph me. This was after he inquired about me taking photographs of the graffiti and broken windows. I confirmed to him that I was taking photos of the damage, and asked him who he was taking photos for. He said for himself as he was trying to take a photo of me, but I went in the other direction. The first time was at the corner of Pacific and Locust. This second time, shown in the photo above, we were on the sidewalk of Pacific Avenue."

Ugh! Goddamn fucking Maoists! That shirt and camera are SO first worldist! Anyone with information on the identity of this "investigator" should definitely hit us up. It isn't uncommon for police officers to hunker down at a scene after an action to see if anyone would be careless enough to show up and take pictures of "their" handiwork.

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