Saturday, November 13, 2010

Britain Stop Snitching

A pretty sickening report from the other side of the Atlantic after the November 10th occupation and improvisational demolition of Tory Party Headquarters in London earlier this week has surfaced. The media in the UK is assisting the State in tracking down rioters (that's why you mask up you silly geese! Say what you want about the "black bloc" set of tactics, but if there's a throw down with a bunch of media snapping pictures all over, I'd rather look like a mob of ninjas. ESPECIALLY in the most heavy surveillance state in the world. Fuck.), just as Big Media typically ends up being a perfect engine for repression.

Luckily, some kind of badass legalese underground railroad is forming up to help anyone presently splayed up on a wanted poster or likely waiting patiently to be identified by some software program. Check out the November 10th Defense Campaign, which is a really excellent idea:

"2. DO NOT say anything to anyone

You have the right to silence and the right not to incriminate yourself. So we recommend you do NOT. SAY NOTHING TO NO-ONE ONLINE OR OFFLINE, ON THE PHONE OR IN PERSON about the events. These are valuable resources for the Police to find you via internet trawling and phone tapping in order to pin a prosecution on you.

DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO THE POLICE even if they say “it is in your best interests”. The Police are the arm of the State and a bureaucratic military organisation NEVER to be trusted. Even if the Police put your name and photo in the newspaper, arrest you, take your photo request a solicitor (see Christian Khan below) and demand your Solicitor advises you to say nothing. That way you can say the Solicitor advised you to say nothing in the event the State tries to infer guilty from the fact you said nothing!

Even if they have your picture, and say you committed an offence it does not mean you committed THAT offence or any offence at all. A picture of you holding an item that could cause damage to property does not amount to evidence of you causing damage with that item. So on these matters, like everything else, SAY NOTHING!"

Terrific advice!

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