Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CSIS/Counter-Terrorism Spy Unveiled in Fredericton, New Brunswick

UPDATE 11/22/10: Comments from the author of this reveal more information: "Follow up: More research reveals that the man's name is "Stuart Bradshaw". He is on facebook:

Spread far and wide.
Saint Schmidt."

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From Anarchist News:

"I was sitting at a cafe in downtown Fredericton (The Second Cup) and overheard a conversation between two well dressed men. The one man said to the other, "I just moved from the UK. I used to work for counter-terrorism out there and in the United States. My wife wanted me to move here to little Fredericton. Not much work for a person like me here. Now I am working for CSIS. I document anti-capitalist and anarchist groups. There are at least two groups that I am researching lately and we plan to eventually infiltrate these groups. Strax and RAAN, the Red and Anarchist Action Network."

At this point I picked up my laptop spit on his table and said: "You are disgusting, what you are saying is disgusting."

Pictures and Video follow.

While walking away from the cafe, outside, the man yelled out to me and requested that I get my picture taken with him. Instead, I turned on my camera and asked the man a few questions. He changed his tone and denied working for CSIS and denied having a problem with Strax.

I have decided, for the safety of my family and friends, that I will be taking some time away from the Red & Anarchist Action Network. I stay in groundless solidarity with all of my comrades. If members of Strax or RAAN, or any other "group", want to reach me for more information, they know how to do so."

-Saint Schmidt


  1. Follow up:

    More research reveals that the man's name is "Stuart Bradshaw".

    He is on facebook:

    Spread far and wide.

    Saint Schmidt.

  2. Follow up:

  3. Don't you think it would have been most beneficial for your cause if you would have had the discipline to maintain your emotional upheavals resulting in exposing your position leading to your decision to withdraw from an active frontline? Obviously you are beneficial with your ability to blend appearing as any Joe from the neighborhood yet having the sharpness to correctly detect relativity from actions/overheard convos. At the level of seriousness all of this is connected to, it doesn't make sense that you would blow your cover like that to jeopardize any possible future beneficial intelligence gathering for the safety of you and your comrades..o.O hmmmm ... well...both of them now know/recognize you and their topic hit an emotional nerve with you and you can bet that people of this caliper of operations that there is pretty much guaranteed to be someone somewhere in the shadows or background looking blending-in nonchalant but watching/observing the whole scenario of their meeting...if not getting photos too. then ...turn on a dime!....there's you trying to steal the lead role or was it a calculated diversion to interrupt where their carelessly too public conversation might have gone? You may have exposed anyone you've come into contact with for possibly up to 3 weeks following that incident. ep...they be eyeballin you. (by the way...when flags raise with the long run...I am almost if not always right. for your safety and your friends safety...I wouldn't think less.. .