Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arizona Woman Tortures and Kills Wheelchair-Bound Alleged Snitch

In a chilling interview, posted below, an Arizona woman admits to murdering a 46 year old man in a wheelchair once finding out he was a snitch in prison. She claims to not feel any remorse and wishes she could kill more informants. The victim, Terry Neely, was beaten with a tire iron, subjected to amateur dentistry and strangled over three days of torturing. He was lured to the apartment of Angela Simpson with promises of sex and drugs. Simpson, not fond of rats, decided to dispose of him.

Neely's remains were found burning in a trash can outside of a church earlier this month. He had a three inch nail driven through his skull. Cold blooded!


  1. think the nigga deserved it always take out the snitches

  2. No one deserves such a brutal death for co-operating with the people who keep our society functioning properly and peacefully.

  3. Um hello don't do anything stupid so people won't have to "snitch" DUH #getajobdummies